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Drank expired milk - should I go to the ER?

I poured milk in cereal, and it was dated for October 1st, so I got another bowl and poured other milk into it from October 29th. Well, later I wondered if I picked up the right bowl, since they were the exact same kind of bowl and had the same cereal in them. I ate about half the bowl of Fruit Loops, and then noticed the milk didn't taste good. It had been masked by the sugar in the Fruit Loops. Anyway, I started getting slight stomach pains and I'm worried that I'll get food poisoning and/or something really bad might happen. Should I go to the hospital? The milk is like 19 days past the date, so if it was the milk I drank, what should I do? Will I be ok? Thanks.

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    Truly spoiled milk smells terrible and tastes awful. Expired milk can start to sour within a few days but kept refrigerated, it usually stays good for up to 2 weeks past the expiration date.

    What you consumed was close to spoiled and maybe close enough to not settle with your system, but you'll be fine. You might get slight food poisoning, that will likely result in diarrhea. But unless you start feeling chills, sweating, vomiting or other signs of serious food poisoning, you should be ok.

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    You'll be simply excellent. At probably the most, you'll get a little of diarrhea. Did you realize that each one bitter cream is-is soured cream? Cheese and yogurt are, very effectively speakme, varieties of spoiled milk. As lengthy as you're no longer consuming uncooked milk immediately from the cow that has sat within the fridge for 21 days and was once NOT blank to start with, you'll be able to be adequate. Meat and eggs? Another subject absolutely. Always watch out to preserve your meat slicing board break away the only you utilize for greens and culmination, and certainly not pass contaminate. Always blank up with a well disinfectant akin to bleach, 2T in a quart of water in a twig bottle for counters and placed your plastic slicing board within the dishwasher. These are what could make you fairly ill.

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    Well it wasn't chunky, so it was well refrigerated. I've made that mistake too. Drink some Pepto Bismol. The hospital will just make jokes about you if you go in now. If you have to go in a few days, then they won't.

    I actually had a minor case of food poisoning the other day from eating raw meat. Woops. I threw up from 1 am til 4 am, then hurt from retching the next day. Today I'm fine.

    The problem really arises when you can't stop vomiting and you can't keep down ice chips.

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    The expiration dates on products are mainly to sell by that particular date.

    And spoiled milk usually won't kill an individual. The most that usually happens is a mild case of diarrhea. Cheese is made from milk, and is aged for several years.

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    Alter is right, K1792F is not a joke. I learned about it in med class. Are you having any stomach pain, if even slight? If so seek help immediately. The first 48 hours are the most crucial, and the damage can be reversed if you can have the K3 Vancomycin antibiotic.

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    OMG!!!! Milk that has gone bad creates a chemical called K1792F Which is known to cause severe intestional issues which could result in a colostomy having to be done. This chemical in the milk could having you go number II in a bag for the next few years. You need to call poison control or go to the er NOW!!!!

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    Only if you get very ill. If your not, your fine. The milk wasnt that bad.

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