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Drank expired milk - should I go to the ER?

I poured milk in cereal, and it was dated for October 1st, so I got another bowl and poured other milk into it from October 29th. Well, later I wondered if I picked up the right bowl, since they were the exact same kind of bowl and had the same cereal in them. I ate about half the bowl of Fruit Loops, and then noticed the milk didn't taste good. It had been masked by the sugar in the Fruit Loops. Anyway, I started getting slight stomach pains and I'm worried that I'll get food poisoning and/or something really bad might happen. Should I go to the hospital? The milk is like 19 days past the date, so if it was the milk I drank, what should I do? Will I be ok? Thanks.

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    First of all the date on ANY product is the last date the store can sell it. In other words if Tylenol has an expiration date of say 12/1/2010 it DOES NOT mean you have to throw them out. Same with food or milk. If you would have drank the milk dated 10/1/2010 nothing terrible would have happened unless there was rot growing on the top, and no more than you would have in cereal you might get a slight stomach ache. Do not panic you will be fine. It would take much more than 1/2 cup of 19 day old milk to cause food poisoning. Take something for your stomach pain if they continue. I am not there and not a doctor, but I would guess stress from worrying is causing your stomach to be a bit off. God Bless Reggie

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    You'll be just fine. At the most, you will get a bit of diarrhea. Did you know that all sour cream is-is soured cream? Cheese and yogurt are, very simply speaking, forms of spoiled milk. As long as you are not drinking raw milk straight from the cow that has sat in the refrigerator for 21 days and was NOT clean to begin with, you'll be ok. Meat and eggs? Another matter entirely. Always be careful to keep your meat cutting board separate from the one you use for veggies and fruits, and never cross contaminate. Always clean up with a good disinfectant such as bleach, 2T in a quart of water in a spray bottle for counters and put your plastic cutting board in the dishwasher. These are what can make you really sick.

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    Calm down.. you're gonna be okay.. It shouldn't be that big of a deal unless you start throwing up or bleeding or something weird.. You may have to see a doctor just in case, but the ER?? Most likely not.. Just chill, rub your tummy maybe take some pepto bismol.. you might have diarrhea though so try asking your doc..

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    They are going to laugh you right out of there.

    Your fine! You probably drank the right one and got paranoid later. Expiration dates are just estimates although 19 days is a bit, you might get a stomach ache or diareah but I doubt you are on your death bed.

    From a fellow freakouter, take my advice ;)

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    No need. Spoiled milk won't generally make you sick. Many fermented dairy products are used all the time. Sour cream for instance. Worst that would happen is you would throw up or get a diarrhea. You won't die. You probably won't even get sick.

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    you might get a stomach ache but you will be fine. Even if you drank it all youd be fine. So dont worry. Take some pepto and drink a lot of water

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    You're fine, just lay down and drink some water. No need to go the the ER. Take it easy until you feel better.

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    no, no. Youll be alright i think. you may have some cramping and diarrhea or possibly throw up... but thats going to happen even if you go over to the er.

    your body will get it out of its system.

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    No, i think your okay.

    That happen to me once

    and nothing big happened. You'll

    just maybe get diarrhea.

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    wait to see if you get diarrhea, vomiting or any other symptoms

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