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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 1 decade ago

Why Tamil Hindus put Pillayar Suzhi on top of the letter?

My mother puts first Pillayar Suzhi on top of the letter, even when she is preparing a list of items to be bought, she puts Pillyar Suzhi first on the top.

Pl enlighten me on the spiritual significance of this tradition followed by mainly Hindu Tamils.

How this came first? who invented this letter ? What is the Spiritual significance of this ?


Edit: Gugglu Sir , I thought that only Tamil Hindus put Pilliyar Suzhi, hence i mentioned Tamil Hindus.

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  • Pad
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    1 decade ago
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    Thanks for raising this question.

    Pillayar suzhi:

    Why “Pillaiyar Suzhi “before we start writing anything?

    Lord Ganesha is called as 'Ekadhantar'- has one tusk. The story behind this is that Ganesha removed one of his tusks to kill a demon who had earlier obtained a boon that he could not be killed by any weapon like sword, bow and arrow etc. There is another story which says that Ganesha removed one of his tusks and gave it to Vyasa Maharishi for using it as a pen in response to his prayer to help him to write Mahabharata. Ganesha came to be known as 'Ekadhantha' after this episode.

    Without the grace of Sri Ganesha and His help, nothing whatsoever can be achieved. No action can be undertaken without His support, grace or blessing.

    During Aksharabhyasa (teaching of the alphabets), the child is initiated into His Mantra of Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah in Maharashtra and other places. Then only the alphabet is taught.

    Legend has it that the Devas, forgot to worship Lord Ganesha before starting to churn the "Paarkadal" (Ksheera Saagaram). Hence, they were only able to get the Alakala Poison out of it.

    Later Indra, the king of Devas realized that, it was because they did not worship Ganesha before starting their mission.

    Lord Indra created this idol out of the foam (Kadal Nurai) that was generated from the milky ocean (Ksheera Saagaram) churned by them, in their quest for the celestial nectar Amrudham.

    After they worshipped this idol made of foam (Nurai in Tamil), they were able to take out the Amrudham from the Ocean.

    If this is the plight of Devas themselves, we ordinary Humans needs to pray Sri Ganesha for success of our any job undertaken by us even if it is writing a small list.

    We have been told repeatedly by our elders that pillayar suzhi is

    something related to pillayar and doing it bestows success in writing

    that piece.

    But is that so? What does pillayar suzhi consist of, a small

    circle, a small curve, a horizontal line and a dot. Now think about it.

    Before the generation of paper usage, people used papyrus and stylus

    was used to write on it (actually slowly carve it). So the first thing

    the writers tested for is the whether the papyrus was worth to be carved

    i.e. soft enough but not too brittle so that it would break.

    The basic movements in writing were circle, curve, dot and lines. Pillayar suzhi

    (or the series of movements) helped the writers to improve their writing skill.

    Source(s): Thanks to Various sites
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    Tamil Hindus have a practice to put a sign or notation at the top of any page such as account book, test paper, etc called "pillayar suzhi" or "pillayar suli". Which means that they are handing over all the burdens to Lord Ganesha, believing that He will take care of everything.

    As per Hinduism, He is also called as Lord of obstacles as well as the Remover of obstacles. Which mean that He will not allow people to do sin or evil(Lord of obstacles) and He will not allow anybody to be an obstacle when they do right thing(Remover of obstacles).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes. you need to be enlightned First. Just come out of False prejudice that Tamil Hindoo, Telgu Hindoo North Indian Hindoo First.

    Hindu word comes from Persian, Sindhu which is actually a river flowing now in Pakistan. Your political leader including Gandhi and Nehru or your own tamil political leaders donated that river which actually gave you people a centuries lasting civilizations.

    Now sindhu is not flowing through India. It is in pakistan. Tributaries are just tributaries. POK is already in Pak and China. Kashmir is still in the hands of Pakistan.

    This sort of polarization will one day will destroy your country and Tamil nadu and tamil culture as well. Aslong as India is well, Tamil nadu is well. If India gets destryed, Tamil nadu will get destroyed easily.

    If you think you have centuries lasting tamil culture, it was becoz, other parts of indians(north, north central and south central indians) protected you. They worked as a gateway to tamilnadu and could resist other anti tamil and hindoo agents and protected tamil nadu.

    You cannot neglect this very very important fact.

    Dear Hare Krishna:

    Hare Krishna.

    To. ssrvj: I am surprised on your matter. I did not comment on your Zhaakha or Purusha sooktham.

    I know purusha sooktam. Nothing wrong if they say

    Sahasra sheersha purukhaha in north


    Sahasra sheershaha purushaha in south.

    This comes becoz of Prakrit effect.

    Like ksheer(milk ) becomes kheer.

    pareekshan becomes pareekhan or pareekh or parakh.

    I want all Hindus United in the name. No issues with Tamils Telugus, Northies or some body living in pakistan.

  • ssrvj
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    1 decade ago

    sri.Guggu Shakku,- There are certain regional traditions in every religion and they all have Textual sanctity--so also Sanatahana Dharmam(a.k.a.Hinduism)--Let us learn all traditions and respect them---for Instance in Varanasi they follow Maadhyanthina Zhaaka of Sukhla Yajur Vedham--Vedhic Purusha sooktham they recite "Sahasra Sheerkhaa Purukhaha"--in South india they follow Krishna Yajur Vedham Taittriya Zaakhaa--they recite "Sahasra Sheershaa Purushaha"--I asked my close friend and colleague Dr.Ayodhya Pandey(Varanaasi), a brilliant Scholar in Sanskrit and Vedham--he said without any animosity Taitriya Zaakhaa is correct-but for reasons best known to our (Varanaasi) ancestors,we have been taught like that and we will recite like that only.

    Any work should be started after praying sri.Ganapathy only,because He is "Vigna Karthray"(putting obstacles) and "Vigna Harthray"(remover of abstacles)--so we put Pillaiyar Suzhi---in the verse starting with "Kaitthala Niraikhani----the poet praises sri Ganapathy "Ach Chivan(Siva) Urai Ratham--Acchadhu podi seidha Adhi Dheera"--because Lord Siva did not remember sri.Ganapathy when He went to fight "Tripura Arakkhar"--sri ganapathy broke sri.Siva's chariot an restored after sri.Siva remembered sri.Ganapathy--sri.ganapathy is such a "Dheeran".

    Even Americans started believing sri.Ganapathy now!!!!!!!!!!---Yaanai Mugatthon.

  • 1 decade ago

    A Good start makes an easy success. Praying your favourite God makes you confident, gives clear thnking sothat you can achieve the purpose of writing, or atleast less your mistakes. If you spell the letter, youcan feel that is a main part of OM. Since Pilliar is believed to clear all forthcoming problems (Vignams) he is worshipped first to proceed on any work without troubles. You cannot find the roots of this tradition, as Tamil and its Gods existed before the puranic, historical days. Believe elders' words and follow, it will sure bring you confident.

  • 1 decade ago

    A + U + M = OM

    God siva has three eye

    That shows

    Ah - God siva(everything)

    U - Creation(pilayar suzhi )

    Ma - Soul with maya(imagination life)

    We should give respect for creation.Where we are from "U".

    We are from grass .So that we are offering grass to "Pillayar" that is first

    Same way we are doing.

    Every thing created by sound that is om.

    what ever we started to write before pilayar suzhi.

    Pilayar or ganesha is the first son of siva and shakthi.Ganesh is the first god.

  • 1 decade ago

    they do it for good luck. they believe that if they add pillayar suzhi then work will be done without obstacle. just like north indians write jai mata di or om.

    mostly iyers that is shivaivite followers do this. it is like oo letter of tamil alphabet.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My dear friend Guggu Shakku is back

    Thank you for your information

    All hindus one.

    We should save hinduism from dark kaliyuga religion such as christian,muslims etc

    Hindus be careful ,Don't act like child .Don't say tamil hindu,telgu hindu,hindi hindu

    see pok,afghanishtan etc.There is daily bomb blast.

    Just think about Do you want india will become pok,afghanistan etc?

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  • 1 decade ago

    edhaiyum thadai yillaamal mudikka pillaiyaar thunai thevai endra nambikkai thaan

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