In non-technical terms, how fast is AT&T Fast Access DSL Direct 6.0M?

I know absolutely nothing about internet speeds, 6.0 M or any other term don't make the slightest bit of sense to me. Could someone express how fast this internet is in normal, non-technical terms? I am either going to get the AT&T Fast Access for $19.99/month or the Comcast for around $50/month. Obviously the AT&T is much cheaper but I would naturally expect the Comcast to be faster. Any experiences with these two internet speeds that you could put into words would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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  • 9 years ago
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    AT&T Fast Access: 768 kbps = 0.1 MBps (or 96 KBps)

    Comcast Standard Internet: 6.0 mbps = 0.75 MBps (or 750 KBps)

    There are several things to consider when looking at Internet (I have had Comcast and DSL)

    1. Dependability: Comcast is on all the time; no dial-up or other connections, just click and browse. DSL does have to dial-up and is not as dependable, due to always seeking for a connection

    2. Speed: DSL is cheaper, in this case, but is actually a little more expensive than Comcast for comparable speeds. Speeds depend on what you want to do with the computer. If you are just checking email and minor surfing, then go with the cheaper; but if you are looking to download games/movies, upload pictures, play online games, have video chats, etc. definitely go with cable.

    In your scenario, Comcast would be seven times faster than AT&T and probably more dependable; this would be the difference between waiting seconds, as opposed to minutes, for a file or webpage to download. Comcast's customer service and trouble call support are generally better, if you need help, as well.

    Source(s): Cable Technician, Cable and former DSL customer
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    I even have had the two and Cable internet worked swifter for me. additionally, the greater suitable you're out of your DSL service, the slower it is going to be. i became fortunate adequate to be a block away so it ran exceedingly rapid. yet i latterly switched to Cable modem and it became lots swifter. some Cable internet companies now grant larger speeds than they did until now too, like Time Warner. yet, i think of you need to pay greater for it. yet even the uncomplicated internet that I had became swifter than DSL. For DSL, it particularly relies upon on your region. although, i might say attempt it out in the event that they do no longer commit you to 3 variety of long term settlement. in case you experience DSL is swifter, than via all potential, decide for it. My account became merely in accordance with own journey, yet possibly others have had diverse reviews. stable success.

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    3 years ago

    AT&T Helpline @ +1^800^782^3911

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