classical vocal song?

I have an audition and I don't know any good vocal classical pieces. I am a soprano and a song in english would be nice. I do know ave maria 2 though, is that a classical piece?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Which "Ave Maria" are you talking about? There are several, most in Latin of course.

    I don't know how much experience you have had singing, or how old you are, but here are some classical songs in English.

    "Come again, sweet love" John Dowland

    "The Silver Swan" Orlando Gibbons (especially good if you have a very light, high soprano voice)

    And if you can handle some modest runs:

    "If Music Be the Food of Love" Henry Purcell

    "Nymphs and Shepherds" Henry Purcell

    "Now the Dancing Sunbeams Play" Joseph Haydn

    You can also try some Handel and Bach arias from their various oratorios. Especially Handel, although Bach arias can also be found in English language versions. Selections from operettas like Gilbert and Sullivan are another source for soprano songs, but many do have a high tessitura.

    This is a cute song: "Art is Calling for Me" (or "The Prima Donna Song") by Victor Herbert from the operetta "The Enchantress".

    Consider some Aaron Copland arrangements of American folk songs. These would be quite appropriate for most classical music auditions (although you don't really say what you are auditioning for).

    There are tons of songs once you start to look. Aren't you taking formal voice lessons? What pieces have you been working on with your teacher? You might want to pick a favorite among those songs.

    If you aren't taking voice lessons, I suggest if you are going to sing classical music, that you find yourself a good voice teacher pronto! (Check local music departments of high schools and colleges--if you don't actually find someone who gives private lessons, the staff should know of qualified people who do) This is not a do-it-yourself job because a lot of this music can be deceptively difficult to sing well and to to sing without damaging your vocal cords.

    I would get a couple of songbooks so I could have a few songs ready-to-go if anything sudden comes up that you want to audition for, or if you need to give a performance of some kind. Luckily, there are even free sources for some classical sheet music that has gone into the public domain. I'll list a couple, and you can browse away.

    You can also purchase music at sites like

    Source(s): Personal collection (I'm a soprano too, and I've been singing and taking voice for years and years--you accumulate a lot of music!)
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    Yes Ave Maria is a classical piece by Schubert.

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    This is one in Italian - "O mio babbino"

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    "Going Home"

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    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

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    Brahms Lullaby

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