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Do you think Republicans have successfully hijacked the name "Tea Party" for their own benefit?

I used to wonder how Sarah Palin (who accepted a VP bid from a lifetime moderate Republican) managed to become the face of the "tea party (at least according to the MSM). The same tea party that is currently ousting moderate Republicans in primaries.

Turns out, the SAME Republican group that pushed for a John McCain victory under the PAC name "Our Country Deserves Better" in 2008 simply changed it's name to the "Tea Party Express" after they realized people basically loathed the Republican establishment.

This "Tea Party Express" PAC (formerly Our Country Deserves Better), a Republican group, is currently funding Sarah Palin's bus tour around the country.

So would you say the Republican party has successfully hijacked the name and rhetoric of the "tea party"?

Also, do you think all the people who ACTUALLY believe in "limited government" and a reduction in federal spending will let the GOP screw them again? (George W. Bush ran on a platform of limited government and no nation building in 2000)

The Tea Party Express, paid Holland America Line a total of $103,000 to send six of its staffers on four consecutive cruises on the Amsterdam. The payments to the cruise line, which appeared on a campaign finance report filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission, have started drawing attention from critics of the Tea Party Express, who have alleged that the committee is a front for Republican consultants seeking to use the populist movement to make a buck and live the high life..............The PAC paid $678,000 — more about half of its overall spending — to a Sacramento-based GOP consulting firm called Russo Marsh + Associates, which started and runs the PAC. To be sure, more than half of the payments to Russo Marsh were for advertising costs, from which firms typically derive only a fraction of the overall buy.

But POLITICO revealed in April that the firm made a conscious decision to adopt tea party branding for its PAC — which had previously been called Our Country Deserves Better and had supported Arizona Sen. John McCain’s 2008 GOP presidential campaign — in an effort to “give a boost to our PAC and position us as a growing force/leading force as the 2010 elections come into focus.”

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    It's been a "front" for the deviant neo-fascist right from the beginning, financed and germinated by Republicans and the most corrupt elements of their degenerate, scum bag lying machine--USCOC, the Koch brothers, the "Club for Growth", AEI, the Heritage and Freedom Foundations, and various other criminally involved, demented hate organization funded by the same depraved filth.

    So what do you imagine has changed?

    Right wing Nazi pukes are right wing Nazi pukes.

    "Branding" only involves some other slime maggot who wants to take internal credit amongst the degenerate goo monsters of their propaganda and hate industries.

    It's what they do.

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    Back in the pre-Bush days, the GOP was the party of lower taxes and fiscal responsibility.

    During the Bush years, they abandoned that and suffered the consequences. Thus the Tea Party was born, because neither political party was standing up for those issues.

    The GOP has rightfully returned to it's roots and glommed on to the Tea Party.

    The GOP hasn't hijacked the Tea Party. The Tea Party has hijacked the GOP! It's why we saw establishment GOP candidate after candidate lose in the primaries to their Tea Party GOP competitors.

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    The Tea Party Express is not the Tea Party.

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    Yeah, it's more like the FOX news movement. It's not a grass roots movement when it's dates are televised 4 times a day by FOX news. The people participating are now just a bunch of FOX news sheeple who are so brainwashed most can't even say specifically why they're there, just that they hate liberals and love FOX news.

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    It is more the opposite. The Leadership of the Republician party realized that if they didn't get on board with the Tea Party - they would no long be the leadership for the Republician party.

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    NOPE I am a Democrat and also part of the Tea Party,, not happy with the democrat or GOP...AND KNOW ONE ELSE SURE BE EITHER...

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    Nope, I could care less what the Rep.s do, I'm more into the TEA band wagon. They will either catch up or be left behind like the libs will be.

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    half of the tea party is not rep so i am not sure how that flies.

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    They all should high jack Teabaggers for their own.

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    Wall-o-text......wont read. 2 points

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