iphone no bluetooth file transfer?

im not fully sure because i dont have an iphone but i was asking my friend to send me a song though bluetooth. and he said ''iphone cant send songs, i know it sucks''

i was thinking of buying an iphone but i have other friends that say u cant transfer pictures or something??????...

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  • 9 years ago
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    iPhone was claimed as the most technologically advanced mobile phone in the market. But when you just look at the Bluetooth feature that comes with iPhone, it really can’t compete with any smartphones, even the low-end ones. For those iPhone users without Bluetooth headset, you probably always keep Bluetooth switched off and even neglect such feature on iPhone.

    The iPhone does come with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (short for Enhanced Data Rate) built-in. But it only supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5. So, you can only pair iPhone with compatible Bluetooth headsets. No support for A2DP (stereo music streaming) and file transfer, where both features can be easily find on cell phones from Sony Ericsson, Nokia, etc.

    I’m not sure when Apple will provide support file transfer via Bluetooth. Even Apple doesn’t do that, there are many independent iPhone developers, who have put lots of efforts in bring Bluetooth file transfer to iPhone. In this week, a developer, medevil, has put up a demo video to show off his application “iBluetooth”. In the video, MeDevil demonstrated how you can use iBluetooth to transfer file between a Mac and Sony Ericsson handset. And, it is claimed that the iBluetooth application can send/receive file to/from any Bluetooth devices.

    That looks pretty great for iPhone user. We finally see some lights on this long-awaited feature. Later, when someone says to transfer his/her photos to your iPhone via Bluetooth, you can say “YES!”.

    iBluetooth application is still under development but will soon be available on Cydia. So, stay tuned to get update on this application. As always, iBluetooth can only be installed on jailbroken iPhone.

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    Iphone No Bluetooth

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