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Raw or cooked meat the you can feed to your cats?

Is raw chicken bones good for cats? Are eggs can also be eaten by them. Any suggestions of food that I can feed to them except dry and wet cat food?

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    Raw bones are good for them, actually. *Cooked* bones can splinter and cause choking hazards, so please don't cook them.

    For egg, I don't recommend store-bought, as those are usually processed in one way or another. But raw eggs are okay for cats, too, high in a few essential vitamins. Just not the white, if you're gonna give her egg-whites, cook those first. But raw yolk is fine.

    Same goes for store-bought meats. They're seasoned, and there are many herbs and veggies that are toxic to cats, including garlic, some tomatoes, and onion.

    If you're looking for cat-friendly raw meats that don't contain pathogens such as e. coli, consider places like this:

    [Just don't give them raw meat within 12 hours of dry food, as it could upset her stomach. Cats take awhile to metabolize foods and mixing dry cat food and raw meats can give her a tummy-ache.]

    Raw meat is good for cats; cooked meat destroys its nutritional value.

    There are no ovens or stoves in the wild, and cats are known for killing prey, burying it, then digging it back up later ;)

    Cross-contamination of raw meats is the common cause of pathogens, parasites are generally killed upon freezing. Cats have stronger stomach acids for dissolving/digesting these things with little to no harm. Store-bought meats are sold with the intention someone will be cooking out these things :P

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    Chicken bones are definitely a big NO. They can splinter and lodge in the intestinal tract.

    Eggs are a nice treat and cats do usually like them. I wouldn't feed them raw, though, since they can be a source of salmonella contamination. Cats also love cooked, diced chicken, and meat baby food. Just make sure that commercial cat food comprises the majority of its diet.

    Tuna is something cats love, but should only be given in small amounts or it can cause all sorts of problems.

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    I really dont recommend feeding a cat a homemade diet. It rarely works because they wont be getting the nutrition they need. This could lead to medical problems in the future.

    Keep in mind that cats are obligate they can only eat meat type products.

    Basically the best diet for a cat is of course its natural diet of mice. Canned food is pretty close to a mouse in a can. haha.

    If you are going to feed your cat a home diet I would have to recommend cooked food as it is safer and you cat is subject to the same diseases from meat as you are. I dont recommend eggs.

    Of course I really have to say a commercial diet is REALLY the best thing for you cat doesnt matter the brand or the type, wet or dry doesnt matter. But if you really want to go through with a homemade diet I suggest first consulting a nutritional expert on the matter. Dont trust the people online!

    Source(s): Im a vet tech
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    Okay my last posting was lost to internet malfuction. I'm not going to reiterate it all over again but I will provide you this link from my very best friend who is a breeder and is extremely knowleagable. I not only trust him I love him to pieces sooooo..

    I am a breeder and I am going to switch to raw food based on his info. Do your research and don't let other influence you, use your own intellect. You will know what is best for your feline baby. However, I would read the links posted on Steve's site as a resource for cat nutrition.

    Source(s): Cat breeder and owner of 5 cats, oops I have 7 new babies so you do the math, :)
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    As for bones, I would recommend keeping them away from your cat; they can create a choking hazard. As for eggs, I would make sure they are cooked, because cats can get sick from eating raw eggs, just like humans can. I would also make sure that any meat you give your cat is cooked.

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    I haven't tried feeding my cats raw meat. But one of my cats goes NUTS for chicken or turkey. I give him tiny bits and he is soooo happy. When I was a kid we had a dog that (I swear) could smell frozen turkey. This cat is that dog incarnate!

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    When I'm having salmon or tuna I give my cat a little :) she loves it

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    Unless it's spoiled don't worry about it.

    Source(s): My cat is 15 years old and eats everything he finds and everything he kills. (one time he killed an opossum. total bad ass i know)
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