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Problem: Slow drying oil paints?

I hear oil paints are slow drying, can take days or even weeks to dry. What are things that can be placed over paintings, so that they dont get damaged during this time? That wont smudge or distort the painting?

I live in a rustic environment where bugs and dirt could easily find there way onto a painting.

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  • Colin
    Lv 4
    10 years ago
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    if your painting outside dirt and bugs can be a problem and they will get in there occasionally. but i wouldn't worry to much about it. certain colors dry faster than others. lead white can dry up on your pallet within an hour where as cadmium yellow can stay fresh on your pallet for 2 weeks. certain mediums like liquin will accelerate the drying time as well. its probably worth noting as well that even though it will take 6 months or so for the painting to completely dry it will usually be touch dry within a day or two. in the past when bugs have gotten in my paint they usually leave without causing any damage, small bugs like gnats occasionally will get stuck in the paint but i have also had them get stuck in my acrylic paint and acrylic dries much faster.

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  • hape
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    I sis an identical element with my left oil paint after a portray that I couldent end so the plan became to close the remaning paint in a plastic container even with the shown fact that it nevertheless dryte after a wek or so the exterior of the paint became dry :p in case you wand that the paint dosent dry then you definitely would desire to close it hermetic by some ability, yet that could ruiend the portray.... desire i helped :p

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