For someone good at Social Studies or History?

I'm studying for a test but none of the definitions I find I can understand fully?? Here's what I'd like to know:

Missouri Compromise (What, where, impact?)

Free Soil Party (Why created? What did they want?)

Secession (What is it?)

Compromise of 1850 (What is it? Impact?)

Uncle Tom's Cabin (What? Impact?)

Fugitive Slave act (What is it? Impact?)

If you know any, try answering!!?? Thanks!!

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    Recommend you to check some History books...I'm not American myself, but will try to help you

    Secession WAR is another name for the Us Civil War. Seccession= Political separation of a territory from it's former parent Nation.

    Uncle Tom's Cabin is the famous novel which exposed the pains and sufferings of the black slaves during the time immediately before the Civil War, thus affecting the north public opinion towards anti-slavery.

    Fugitive Slave act, I think, dictated that all fugitive slaves would be free if crossed to the northen states, but I'm not sure.

    Compromise of 1850 established different ways of dealing with slavery in northen and sourthen states, esencially banning it in the north.

    I think the Free Soil Party was a political force supporting sourthen position....but I'm just gessing,

    As you see, I don't wanna check on wiki or something....Hope it helps.

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    Study the portraits... learn the captions within the chapeter. This is the thrill aspect. Then move to the tip of the bankruptcy and skim the entire questions. Get a pocket book and duplicate the questions into your pocket book and depart an area in among to fill in an reply. Start studying... After you learn each and every phase or paragraph... see you probably have any solutions to the questions. If you do... write out the reply. It would take an hour to get it performed however that is how I acquired all A's in historical past.

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