What is the adverage cost of living for a newly married couple?







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  • Marina
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    1 decade ago
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    It all depends on where you live....really. Houses vary, insurance varies, food varies, gas and electric etc ALL vary. It's not cheap.

  • 1 decade ago

    all of the things you are asking about are factored by the location where they might live. if you are talking annual, here is a guesstimate for the los angeles area:

    housing basic costs $225K up, monthly payments around 1500 or so. rental for say a two bedroom appartment, anywhere from 900-1300 plus.

    insurance health insurance, again many variables in estimating this, around 300 plus/month

    food for two people, four to five hundred a month

    gas for an automobile and again depending on where they live and where they work, around

    one to two hundred per month.

    heating/cooking gas around 25 per month

    electric depends on how often they run their a/c, can be 100-300 per month

    and of course there are many etc's, child care, entertainment, etc.

    no matter how you look at it, it costs a couple a lot to live in l.a. if they were say in minot, north dakota, costs would be cut at least by fifty percent.

  • Elle
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    1 decade ago

    My fiance and I are looking to move in together by next month. We've done our calculations. Every month, for apartment, and utilities alone will be around $1500 not including insurance, gas, or food. We live in California

  • 1 decade ago

    My husband and I are newlyweds, we're barely living off about $1300 a month. We get by, but it'd be more comfortable with a little more money, sometimes we don't have much to eat.

    We live in Oregon

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