why was Leon Trosky exiled from the soviet union?

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    Trotsky was first exiled internally, to Kazakhstan, then, Stalin sought agreement with Turkey for Trotsky to be exiled there; he moved to various countries, before finding asylum (and death) in Mexico.

    The reason for Stalin's hatred of Trotsky was that he, and most other Bolsheviks, feared a Soviet Bonaparte. Stalin was concerned that a popular and charismatic leader would rise through the military and threaten the revolution; Trotsky had been the head of the Red Army, and was popular in the military and among the civilian population.

    Trotsky's exile in Kazakhstan was, from Stalin's point of view, not very successful, he was still able to correspond with his political allies, despite tight controls on who he met with. In order to lessen this correspondence - it is easier to intercept international mail, than hand delivered letters - Stalin decided to have him exiled. Trotsky was lucky, Stalin was not politically strong enough, or bold enough to have him arrested and shot.


    Trotsky - A Biography by Robert Service


    For an in depth examination of his life, works and ideas see:


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    Because Stalin hated him so when Stalin came to power he exiled first from Power then from the Country. In 1940 Stalin ordered an NKVD assassin to kill Trotsky in Mexico.

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    Leon Trotsky (born as Leib Bronstein) was one of the leaders of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917 and later member of the ruling Communist Politburo. The popularity of Trotsky during the Bolshevik revolution was immense. My grandmother, who lived in St. Petersburg (then, Petrograd) during the revolution used to tell me than nobody knew of Lenin during that time, but almost everybody knew and often admired Trotsky. When Stalin started to usurp his power, in the late 1920s, he realized that Trotsky was one of his major obstacles to that goal. Using his growing influence in the party, Stalin managed to exclude Trotsky from the ruling Politburo in 1926 and in 1927 - from the Bolshevik party. In that year Trotsky was exiled to Alma Aty, Kazakhstan. In 1929 Trotsky was exiled from the Soviet Union first to the Prinkipo Island in Turkey. Later he moved to France, Denmark and Norway. During all that time he was active in his opposition work to Stalin. In 1936 Norway, under pressure from Stalin, forced Trotsky to move to Mexico. During that year Trosky finishes work on his book "Betrayed Revolution" where he attacks Stalin's personality cult. Meanwhile, all the Trotsky followers in Russia (Zinovyev, Kamenev, Smilga, Radek and others) were arrested and later executed. In 1937 Trotsky was sentenced, in absentia, to the death penalty by the Soviets. In August 20, 1940 Trotsky was murdered by the NKVD (later - KGB) agent Ramon Merkader in Mexico.

    Along with that, we should not perceive Trotsky as a "good guy" who might make things better in Russian should he remained there. Thus, already in 1917 Trotsky proposed the idea of the "Red Terror" according to which all the members of former Russian elite should be murdered. He considered them to be members of class that should be eliminated, using the French Revolution as an example.

    Source(s): Book by I. Doycher - "Trotsky - An Armed Prophet", Russia 2006 (in Russian)
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    stalin didn't want the competition.

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