just bought a domain and webhosting. now what , i have no idea.?

i dont know how to make a website. o___o

tippss lol?


it is using cpanel or something like that im pretty sure.

i want to get someone to make me a site but, is it expensive?

Update 2:

i already set up my email, it is crystal@fairysoap.com

if any of y'all want to make me one, i can pay you money through paypal.

email me to discuss it more.

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    9 years ago
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    why did you but a domain and hosting?

    but if you need tips look up w3 schools

    what you need to do is make web pages in HTML there are programs for this like adobe Dreamweaver

    and there are meany tutorials on the net ad YouTube


    here is a torrent for dream weaver 8 (8 is 4 visions behind the current Dreamweaver but it still works fine)


    and there are plenty of things on how to make websites

  • 9 years ago

    It depends on your definition of expensive, but generally, making a website isn't cheap. Even if you do want to pay somebody to make you a website, you need to have an understanding of how a website is made, what a CMS is, what happens on the server-side and what on the client-side.

    I would say start with using a nice CMS like Joomla. Your web space provider most propably has a CMS pre-installed. Start with googling these terms, see if you can learn any of the following:



    server - client




    Do *NOT* ask someone to make you a website "just like facebook/IGN/yahoo/msn, just better". First get an understanding of what is possible and what's not, what is easy and what is diffucult.

    Also, do *NOT* pay someone to make you a personal website because they say it'll be awesome. They will most propably use a free CMS and create your website in a day or so. This happens more often that you think.


    Also, do not trust anyone who promises to make you a website here, even if they do have a company that makes websites, there are thousands of them out there, some must be better/cheaper.

    Source(s): Personal experience in web developing
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If you decide to create your own website – a template based service might be a good one for you. MS Office Live Small Business gives you a free website, hosting and 500 MB of storage. You can redirect/forward your existing domain.

  • 9 years ago

    So, what made you buy a domain before you knew what to do with it, I'm wondering. It seems to me that one ought to do a little research before spending money on something.

    I wish you all the best luck, but without a website, your domain is just sitting there and costing you money every month.

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  • 9 years ago

    I am looking small businesses to teach how to build affective, inexpensive websites. I will also be teaching other internet marketing strategies to those people for FREE. I will provide step by step video tutorials and phone consultations.

    The catch is I want to use the companies and their websites as case studies.

    Anyone who follows my instructions will be able to achieve success online.

    If you are interested e-mail me and we can create a strategy for your business. I will help you get started right away.


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    9 years ago

    Now that you are equipped with the domain name, you can take hosting services to get storage and hosting for your your website. Make sure that you have the web pages ready...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your best bet is to just drop your hosting and use http://easydch.com/sitebuilder because it includes hosting and you get a professional looking website. But most importantly you can update it your self, you do not need to pay the designer every time you need a little change.

  • 9 years ago

    Do U want a website to be created or you wanna create a website on your own.

    if u want to create a website on your own,then search xara web solutions.

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