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Space Science/ Universe help please!?

Space Science:

1) Why does the elevation of the South Celestial Pole decrease as you travel from Melbourne to Brisbane?

2) Would you see the Pole directly overhead? Explain.

3) Where would the ecliptic be in the northern hemisphere?

4) In Australia the constellation Leo can be seen during the months of December through to June. Why can't it be seen in the other months?

5) The group of stars we call the Saucepan is part of the constellation Orion. How would you explain to a group of younger children that these stars in the Saucepan may not be anywhere near each other in space?


a) Why do Scientists search for water on other planets? What is significant about the presence of water? Have we found water anywhere else in the universe and if so where?

b) What new information are scientists learning about the universe from the ‘Hadron Collider’? Discuss.

c) Why is it that when you look into the night sky and look up at the stars, you are actually looking back in time, into the history of different stars? Explain this in terms of the speed of light.

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    Space Science.

    1) 2)

    3) the ecliptic is the apparent path of the sun. It is inclined to the celestail equatory by 23.5o. So the maximum angle between your vertical and the sun at your 38o latitude would be the difference: 38 - 23.5 = 4.5o. Less than 5 degrees, not very much.

    Now the orbits of the planets are tilted realativ to the earth's orbit, which means that their paths through the sky are not along the exact ecliptic but different circles. So they could very well at some time be 4.5 degrees north of the ecliptic and therefore overhead to you.

    All of this can be predicted - google on ephimerides - but it doesn't happen at fixed times of the year; only the earth goes around in a year, the other planets have their own orbital times, all different.

    4) because the position of the earth has changed in relation to the months that it is rotating around the Sun

    5) Perception.


    a) Scientists search for water on other planets to determine a source of life, whether it be micro organisms or bacteria that is capable of continual life on another planet other than our own then it is possible for it to inhabit our own species in hundreds of years from now.

    b) The LHC is testing a variety of different experiments, the most popular known to the public is to search for the Higgs Boson, dark matter and to replicate the effects of the big bang that happened 13.7biillion light years ago.

    c) this is simple to understand, but if you imagine light as a stream of particles (which are actually called Photons) they travel at a certain speed, if you calculate t = D/S (Distance, Speed and Time) you will understand why it takes a long time for certain stars light to travel as far as earth. much like shooting a gun or hitting a tennis ball, it was hit/fired at a certain time but took finite amount of time to reach a destination it didn't just appear there as soon as it left its original position, the only difference being light is omnidirectional. Often you will also see stars and galaxies appearing brighter than many others, it could either be closer or the phenomenon of Gravitational lensing has affected its perceptive size and appears to be larger. Look it up.

    Source(s): Not going to try and do all your homework for you because i have my own to do, but this was a welcome break, some of the questions i have tried to answer based on my own knowledge so you still have to do a little work of your own. but just double check these answers and atleast then you can say you did something.
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    Wow....that's a mouth full and a mind full. I too am a Pantheist Pagan and even though my beliefs differ from yours (slightly) I can see the point you are trying to make. There will always be those who say we worship the created and not the creator but IF the universe was indeed created by the hand (or mind) of the Divine then it too holds divinity and the appreciation and acknowledgment of that is what Pantheism is (to me). That is not worship. It is simple reverence. I revere the universe, I respect it and understand that I will never understand or know everything. We learn, we grow and we evolve. That is the nature of humans (as is my understanding of us). What we do with the knowledge we gain is not always pleasant and is not always within reasonable comprehension. All we can really do is learn from our mistakes and do our best not to repeat the past. That is my Pantheist response. I did not intend to leave a long one but I am wide awake and highly caffeinated this morning so there ya go....

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    Do your homework yourself.

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