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China vs India Economy?

Who will eventually have the larger economy,China or India?

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    China and India like oil and water which we cannot mix them up. China has aimed for decades to surpass the US in terms of the size of GDP. But India has aimed to surpass China. Both countries are still classified as poor in terms of per capita GDP because they have done nothing to reduce inequality. They both are weird and childish in international community as if they are small countries. To be superpower, they should have obligation to do something for the world. Manipulation of its currency, or opposing everything as if they are poor in international round table are an example. India has Brazil as a friend, but China has only North Korea. India has opened a new home for Dalai, but China still perform military forces violently against human rights.Who cares which country will be number one, or larger?

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    at current rate, its obviously china, you heard everyone taking about china, you bought almost everything made in china, you see ppl learn chinese, you heard the businessman talking about venturing into china market.

    they are growing at an avg rate of 10% per yr in the past 30 yrs. which is kinda incredible.

    and comparing with china and india, china has probably a more stable environment for foreign investment.

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    uhh china!! it is said that someday chinas gonna take ovr u.s.! chinas dominating everything and its scary! lol

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