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Palestine or Israel ?

which do you support and why

me israel

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    Palestine. This is why:

    • Before 1917 Jews made up 8% of the population of Palestine.

    • Britain decided to give what is not theirs to the Zionists and allowed massive European Jewish immigration to Palestine.

    • Jews became 33% of the population and owned 7% of the land by 1947, but the UN allocated to them 55%

    • UN allocated Israel 55% of the land, but they occupied 80% in 1948

    • Zionists ethnically cleansed 80% of the native population on that land

    • In 1967 Israel occupied the remaining 20% of Palestine

    • Israel built and is still building illegal settlements on Palestinians land, against UN resolutions

    • Israel did not return land occupied, against UN resolutions

    • Israel did not allow refugees to return, against UN resolutions

    • Israel built an apartheid wall around and through the West Bank against World Court orders

    • Israel blockaded and starved then attacked and destroyed civilian areas and used banned weapons in violation of international law

    • Israel is violating most of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with respect to the Palestinians

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    ISRAEL - and darn proud of it too!

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