Would I get into NYU, GA TECH, UGA, and Emory? please chance me?

I have a 33 ACT (super scored - 32 is my best) and a 2250 SAT (only took it once). My Gpa is 3.85 unweighted, 4.3 weighted. Taken 7 honors classes and 10 ap classes. my class rank is 12/567 students. I have volunteered over 70 hours at a hospital ( also have a leadership role there). I founded an ambassador club at my school (show new people around/ represent the school) I have been class president for all 4 years of high school. I have chaired (leader) for prom committee (11&12) and homecoming (10, 11, and 12). I am vice president of beta and national honors society. I am a part of 4 other honor societies. I am a part of a few other clubs, but no leadership. I am on varsity cross country (captain 10-12 grade) and varsity soccer (may quit this year though - really dislike my coach). I'm fairly good, but not good enough to get recruited, but that doesn't bother me at all. Lettered at total of 7 times. I am also part of my school's chorus and glee club. I have hopefully made all state chorus and district honors chorus all 4 years, Acda 2 years, and all state sight reading chorus 1 year (big accomplishment-for me at least). I have a decent amount of awards for service, academic, athletic, and arts..probably like 25-30 in total. half are at state level, but only like 5 are national level. Oh..i've been named homecoming princess/queen for all 4 years..not sure how much that helps, but i think its a good award.

my weaknesses:

never worked-not even babysitting. Um..to be honest...I'm a spoiled brat.

average rec- my teachers and me, we get along, but they don't know me

I'm no 2400 student with amazing GPA and more awards/ extra curricular activities than i know what to do with, but i'd like to think i'll be able to make a second tier school or a third tier (UGA). My college counseler was no use..according to her..the most i'll be able to get into is GA state..i wasted like $200 to hear that. sorry rambling! thanks for your help!


well tech is in state for me..so wouldn't it be even easier?

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  • dan
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    10 years ago
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    you can definitely get into georgia. id say very good shot at nyu, georgia tech and emory are slightly lower chances being that theyre better schools but good shot.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    100 % / Yes

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