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Pressing charges for statutory rape?

A friend of mine impregnated a 16 year old girl and was 23 at the time and is now 24 and she is now 17. The mother of the girl was perfectly fine with it and said there was no reason to take away the babies father. However, he enlisted under me in the Army National Guard to take care of the baby but now the grandmother(underage girls mother), is saying that it isn't enough to take care of the baby and has given him 3 weeks to get a full time job or she said she'd press charges. He's told me that he's talked to a few people and they said that the case would more than likely be thrown out because the judge would ask why she waited so long to press charges and that her telling him that she will unless he has a full time job in 3 weeks is black-mail. From what I know, he's been a great father, not partying and spending time with his son while the mother goes out with friends and doing odd jobs and spending his monthly Guard pay to buy diapers and formula and he's purchased a crib, play pin, toys, clothes, and other things you'd need to raise a baby. I can't really give him much advice because I don't have any kids nor would I know much about that, so I'm asking on here to get others' advice or words on what you think.

Thank you ahead of time.


It occurred in the state of Pennsylvania and he has a child support hearing in November he has told me.

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    1. The mother does not press charges for statutory rape. She would have to report him to the District Attorney, the district attorney would decide if there is enough evidence to pursue the case. There is a child, so the evidence is there. The statute of limitation on statutory rape is 10 years after the victim has turned 18 in most states. Grandma cannot decide to drop the charges once they are filed. Parents cannot override the law.

    2. You friend is not paying child support. Buying diapers and formula is not considered child support, it is considered gifts. Gifts and child support are two different issues.

    3. Your friend needs to go to court and establish child support. Child support will be determine based on his education and experience if he doesn't have a job. Child support need to be paid through the courts to count.

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    "A friend of mine impregnated a 16 year old girl and was 23 at the time"

    In "most" US States that is not illegal. The most common age of consent in America is 16.

    If this occurred in a State where the age of consent is 17 or 18, then it was a crime (Subject to any 'close in age' exception your unknown State may have) that the *State* - NOT the parents or grandparents - could choose to prosecute him for.


    The age of consent in PA is 16. That means that the sex was not illegal, and he cannot face statutory rape charges.


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    communicate approximately convoluted. i for my section propose you talk to a community lawyer. basically she/he can inform you if statutary rape rules on your city/State prepare and in what way they might. many times when I hear approximately "older lady / youthful male, lady criminal" situations, they could do with instructors or so forth and the charge is composed of 'expert Misconduct'. i don't keep in mind any case I even have heard of the place a girl had intercourse with a new child expressly to get pregnant and did not could make him financially to blame. It sounds like, as a replace of 'rape', you have a extra smart probability for him to sue for Parental Custody Rights, if he should be the regarded parent. Your lawyer is going to could variety this out and propose you. here you may basically get comments.

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    I am assuming the state in which this happened is one where the age of consent is over 16? I know some states no crime would have even happened if she was 16 regardless of his age.

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    the advice that he got is true the judge would most likely throw it out

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