a synonym for juxtapose?

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    Main Entry: compare

    Part of Speech: verb

    Definition: examine in contrast

    Synonyms: analyze, approach, balance, bracket, collate, confront, consider, contemplate, contrast, correlate, divide, equal, examine, hang, hold a candle to, inspect, juxtapose, match, match up, measure, observe, oppose, parallel, place in juxtaposition, ponder, rival, scan, scrutinize, segregate, separate, set against, set side by side, size up, stack up against, study, touch, weigh, weigh against another

    Notes: compare emphasizes the similarities between or among things, though not losing sight of the differences; contrast emphasizes the differences

    Main Entry: join

    Part of Speech: verb

    Definition: unite

    Synonyms: accompany, add, adhere, affix, agglutinate, annex, append, assemble, associate, attach, blend, bracket, cement, clamp, clasp, clip, coadunate, coalesce, combine, compound, concrete, conjoin, conjugate, connect, copulate, couple, entwine, fasten, fuse, grapple, hitch on, incorporate, interlace, intermix, juxtapose, knit, leash, link, lock, lump together, marry, mate, melt, mix, pair, put together, slap on, span, splice, stick together, tack on, tag on, tie, tie up, touch, weave, wed, weld, yoke

    Antonyms: disjoin, divide, separate

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