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Is Ruben Blades still making music?

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    Ohhhh, I love Ruben Blades!! I still have a "cassette" of his - lol!

    From my little research, his last concert was in 2006.

    He does have a "Best of" CD out for 2010.

    I'll continue to look to see what I can find.

    Ohhhhh, the old Salsa dancing days! Ahhhhhh

    and some great latin jazz as well!

    Here is the latest happs on Ruben Blades from Wikipedia:

    In 2004, he put his artistic careers on hold when he began serving a five-year appointment as Panama's minister of tourism. Beginning in June 2007, however, Blades turned some of his attention back to his artistic career, presenting an "online tv show" titled Show de Ruben Blades (SDRB) on his website.[3]

    During the summer of 2008 he took a leave of absence for a mini-tour in Europe, backed by the Costa Rican band Son de Tikizia. When his government service was completed in June 2009, he reunited the members of Seis del Solar for the 25th anniversary of Buscando America in an ambitious tour of the Americas.


    A Las Seis - con Los Salvajes Del Ritmo - Panamanian conjunto banda

    From Panama to New York (1970) - Rubén Blades & la Orquesta de Pete Rodriguez

    Barretto - with Ray Barretto orchestra (1975)

    La Raza Latina - Salsa Suite with Larry Harlow and his orchestra Harlow (1977)

    Fania All Stars Tribute To Tito Rodríguez (1976)

    Jorge Dalto - Chevere (1976)

    Metiendo Mano (1977) - Rubén Blades & Willie Colón

    Fania All Stars Spanish Fever (1978)

    Siembra (1978) - Rubén Blades & Willie Colón

    Fania All Stars Crossover (1979)

    Bohemio y Poeta (1979) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Maestra Vida: Primera Parte (1980) - Rubén Blades (produced by Willie Colón)

    Maestra Vida: Segunda Parte (1980) - Rubén Blades (produced by Willie Colón)

    Fania All Stars Commitment (1980)

    Canciones Del Solar De Los Aburridos (1981) - Rubén Blades & Willie Colón

    The Last Fight (1982) - Rubén Blades & Willie Colón

    El Que La Hace La Paga (1983) - Rubén Blades

    Buscando América (1984) - Rubén Blades & Seis del Solar

    Mucho Mejor (1984) - Rubén Blades

    Crossover Dreams (1985) soundtrack

    Escenas (1985) - Rubén Blades y Seis de Solar

    Doble Filo (1986) - Rubén Blades

    Agua de Luna (1987) - Rubén Blades y Seis del Solar

    Antecedente (1988) - Rubén Blades

    Nothing But the Truth (1988) - Rubén Blades

    With Strings (1988) Rubén Blades

    Live! (1990) Rubén Blades y Son del Solar

    Caminando (1991) - Rubén Blades y Son del Solar

    Best of Ruben Blades (1992) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Amor Y Control (1992) - Rubén Blades y Son Del Solar

    Poetry: The Greatest Hits (1993) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Poeta Latina (1993) - Rubén Blades (UK Fania compilation)

    Mucho Mejor [Westwind] (1995) - Rubén Blades

    Tras La Tormenta (1995]]) Rubén Blades & Willie Colón

    La Rosa de Los Vientos (1996) - Rubén Blades

    Greatest Hits (Rubén Blades album) (1996) - Rubén Blades y Seis del Solar (Elektra compilation)

    Sus Más Grandes Exitos (1998) - Rubén Blades ( Fania compilation)

    Tiempos (1999) - Rubén Blades y Editus

    Sembra Y Otros Favoritos Salsa Para Siempre (2001) - Rubén Blades & Willie Colón (Fania compilation)

    Best (2001) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Salsa Caliente De Nu York (2002) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Mundo (2002) - Rubén Blades y Editus Ensemble

    Joyful Noise (2002) - The Derek Trucks Band (Ka-Ma-Lay) (2003) Rubén Blades etc. (download project)

    Una Decada (2003) - Rubén Blades (Sony compilation)

    Experencia Ruben Blades (2004) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Lo Mejor, Vol. 1 (2004) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation, import as O Melhor Vol. 1)

    Lo Mejor, Vol. 2 (2004) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation, import as O Melhor Vol. 2)

    Across 110th St. (2004) - Spanish Harlem Orchestra featuring Rubén Blades

    Ganas (2005)

    Maestro de la Fania (2005) - Rubén Blades (Fania compilation)

    Cantares del Subdesarrollo (2009) - Rubén Blades

    Source(s): Retired Percussionist - Thanks for the reminder! Time to switch out those old cassettes for CDs! Ohhh, I have so many CDs (many Latin and Brasilian) and I have so many still to replace!, but thank you for the reminder! :-D
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