I have a 2004 Nissan Sentra has error code of P1138 Swirl Control Valve. What can i check b4 replacing?


Thanks for all the answers but I did neglect to give all of the info. It is not just the service engine soon lite. It is making a ticking sound and kind of sluggish and louder when going at faster speeds around 40mph and more. This started after an oil change..I do have oil was told that it sounds like the oil is not going all the way thru the engine it has 176,000 miles on it. I do have a print out of the P1138 error code. Any other suggestions?

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    I found this in a search for your code. Copied and pasted the following.

    I had a code 1138 come up because I had an engine light on. The code indicated a Swirl Control Valve. My mechanic has dealer information on the code. He told me that the Swirl Control Valve goes off when coolent levels are too low for each cylindar and the proper temperature for good fuel usage. He told me to make sure the coolent is full. He reset my enging light and it did not go on again. Nissan makes sure Know one knows exactly what the "Swirl Control Valve" is and what it does and how it effects fuel usage. He pointed out to me the valve on the right of the manifold and it is fed by the coolant system. It is a replacable valve easy to work on.


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    I, too, have an '04 Sentra and the check engine light would come on, stay on for a week or so and then go out--only to recur a week or so later. My car had a code 1138. Took it to the Nissan dealer's service dept. They told me that the Swirl Control Valve was bad and that replacing it required replacing the intake manifold, as it is integrated into the manifold. The good news was that it was covered under either the Emission Controls Warranty or the Powertrain Warranty, which is longer than the 3yrs/36K general warranty. The Swirl Control Valve is an emission control part, but, since it is integrated into the intake manifold, I don't know which warranty they covered it under. If you call Nissan USA headquarters, they will tell you if the warranty is still in effect at 66K miles or not--and I'm sure they could tell you which warranty, if either, applies. Hope you're still covered, as it isn't a cheap repair.

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    There is no such code for a 2004 Nissan vechicle. The code is P1130 for a Swirl Control Valve.

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    What we do at our dealership is check your ECM and confirm part#s and see if it is on the list. If so then we reprogram your ecm and clear all DTCs and your good to go.

    NTB 09-144A as of Oct 4th 2010 for 2000-2005 Sentra 1.8l

    good luck

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