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Do you guys Acknowledge Jane Grey as being first queen of england, or Elizabeth the 1st?

I acknowledge Jane Grey as first queen, but many disagree, what about you?


@solara, Lady Jane Grey was queen for 9 days in the year 1553, King Edward left her the throne personally in his will, defying the rights to the throne of Elizabeth and Mary. Then, you probably know the story of the deception. But Elizabeth was queen from 1558 to her death, after her sister Mary died (and wasn't Mary queen too?)

Update 2:

*facepalm* I mean first queen to inherit the throne, not as a wife

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    Jane Grey is easily forgotten as "the 9 day Queen of England". She did have royal blood and therefore a right to claim the crown. She was proclaimed Queen and King Edward will did specify her as next in line to the throne. But Edward's father King Henry VIII had listed the succession to be Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, then Jane Grey. So there is the legal conflict. Edward was a minor and questions about his ability to decide succession legally came into play. I don't think she was ever coronated as queen. She never got to do any official ruling over the kingdom. When Mary found out Edward was dead she rode into London with her army. The people and privy council changed their support to Mary, so Jane, her husband and father in law were arrested and put into the tower, and eventually all were executed. I guess "technically" she was the first queen of England but it would have to have an asterisk next to it because it probably wasn't legal and finalized.

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    Well I acknowledge Jane as Queen.

    The legitimacy of her Queenship is what's disputed.

    She was declared Queen by the people, the throne was left to her by the King, (Elizabeth and Mary excluded as illegitimate) she was the legitimate heiress and she ruled as Queen - hence she was Queen. But she was overthrown due to popular uprising.

    The same has happened several times. Popular uprising overthrew James II and put William and Mary in his place.

    Popular uprising overlooked the Jacobean Inheritance and placed the Hanovers on the throne.


    Jane was not the first Queen

    Matilda was!

    Matilda was declared heir presumptive by her father, Henry I, and acknowledged as such by the barons. However, upon Henry I's death, the throne was seized by Matilda's cousin, Stephen of Blois. The Anarchy followed, with Matilda's being a de facto ruler for a few months in 1141

    Hence Matilda was the first Queen of England not Jane or Mary.

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    Here's how Henry VIII outlined the succession in his will: Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, and THEN the Duchess of Suffolk (daughter of his sister, Princess Mary) and her daughters (Jane, Elizabeth, and Catherine).

    Edward VI died without children. However, the Duke of Northumberland (Lord Protector at the time) wanted to keep the English Throne in Protestant hands. And Edward might well have gone along, as he didn't approve of his half-sister's Catholic beliefs. Lady Jane was married to the Duke's younger son (Lord Guildford), with the idea that Mary and Elizabeth would be bypassed.

    The Duke thought about just skipping Mary and going directly to Elizabeth, but he found Elizabeth too independent-minded for the purpose. The Duchess of Suffolk renounced her rights in Jane's favor.

    Jane was Queen for nine days before she was deposed by Mary (who ruled from 1553-1558). Jane and her father, along Guildford and his father, were sent to the Tower.

    Northumberland was subsequently executed. The other three were executed later, after a rebellion meant to put Jane back on the throne.

    So the Tudor line goes thus: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Jane (nine days), Mary I (1553-1558), and Elizabeth (1558-1603).

    There was almost a Queen-Regnant during the Norman rule (Matilda, Henry I's daughter).

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    I think Jane is generally reckoned to have been more of a scholar than Elizabeth, though Elizabeth was extremely clever. How well they got on I don't think anyone knows. They did both live under the guardianship of the Seymours for a short time, but I don't think much evidence exists as to what relations were like between them. I can imagine though that Elizabeth would not have been best pleased when her brother Edward made a will naming Jane as his heir and excluding Elizabeth from the succession. Since Elizabeth was such an extrovert and jane such an introvert, it seems unlikely that they would have been particularly close to each other, but they did share intellectual interests so they may have got on well enough.

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    Since William I the first true Queen Regnant was Mary I. Edward VI was only 15 when he died the legitimacy of his will is questionable and unfortunately for Jane, her father-in-law , the Duke of Northumberland, had engineered her for her to ascend to the throne.

    Therefore Mary I was the first true Queen regnant of England. Earlier Queens e.g. Bodicca did not rule all of England.

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    Well its all arguable some even say Matilda was the first Queen of England. I think that in terms of law Henrys will was reinforced with an act of parliament Edwards was not so I think Henry's has. supremacy. I think she was the second De facto Queen regnant if only shortly but not De jures.

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    Queen Mary Tudor, monarch in her own right. Jane's claim was discredited, and there was no Mary Q. of Scots to bother her as was the problem when Eliz. came around. Of coure, a few hundred years ago there was an Empress Matilda who should have ascended the throne, but was beaten by her cousin Stephen of Blois.

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    It is a valid argument, but few historians consider Jane to have been a monarch. You can make an equally strong argument that the first queen was the "Empress Matilda".

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    It's not so much as disagreeing but a fact that Elizabeth l was the first. Why you think Lady Jane Grey puzzles me. If you consider that being a Queen for nine days, then yes you are right.

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    My dear girl, take no notice of some of these people, they are mere dilettantes. One of them has a cat which gives far better answers.

    Now, I shall have you know that the first Queen of England was Queen Guinevere. She lived in a castle made of chocolate. It was known as Cadbury Castle.

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