What problems are illegal immigration causing in the United States?

Why is it such a big deal?

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    There are many problems with illegal aliens and we are all victims of them one way or another. Please review this list of the problems that come with illegal aliens and their breaking our laws.

    Problems With Illegal Immigration

    While illegal alien and amnesty supporters state complaints from Americans about illegal immigration are some form of racism, there are many very real problems associated with illegal immigration.

    We asked a focus groups of citizen activists who are engaged in the struggle to have America's borders secured and existing immigration laws enforced to tell us the different reasons Americans are alarmed about illegal immigration.

    Please review this list. More details will be added to each subject in the future. Please contact us if you have an addition for this list of problems caused by illegal immigration.


    Anchor Babies: Birthright Citizenship Exploited

    Anti-American Attitudes

    Anti-Semitic Attitudes

    Attacks on Border Patrol and Law Enforcement agents

    Attacks on Free Speech in America

    Animal Abuse Increases

    Census Numbers: Negative Impact on Congressional Representation

    Civil rights: Devalued by comparison to illegal actions

    Child Endangerment

    Child Molestation

    Closed and Overcrowded Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

    Cost of Translators

    Consulates issuing Matricular Cards (ID Mexico won't even accept)

    Day Laborers loitering and creating public hazards

    Depreciated Wages for Americans and Legal Immigrants

    Deterioration of Common American Culture

    Desecration of the American Flag: Foreign Flags used aggressively

    Disrespect for American Laws

    Document Fraud

    Drunk driving injuries and deaths: Hit and Runs

    Ethnic Cleansing and Race Riots

    Farm animals with in city limits

    Food Poisoning

    Foreign Influence on US Politics

    Gangs, Graffiti, Drugs, Cartels, Smugglers, and Violence

    Gang Rape and unreported rapes

    High Birth Rates and Overpopulation

    Human Sex Slavery

    Identity Theft

    Increased Crime

    Increased Taxes for Americans

    Increased pressures on infrastructure (roads, traffic, water, sewer)

    Infectious Diseases

    Lost American Jobs

    Lost American Sovereignty

    Lost Self Governance of American citizens Vs. Globalism and Elitism

    Male Chauvinism: Gender inequality

    Not Speaking English, loss of common language, Press 1 for English

    Overcrowded Schools and Negative Impact on American Education

    Overcrowded single family homes

    Overcrowded Jails and Prisons

    Public Sanitation Loss: Trash and human waste in towns

    Racist Groups and Race Based Politics

    Remittances: Billions of dollars sent out of the US Economy

    Rule of Law: Fundamental principles of America sacrificed.

    Separatist Movements: Demands for autonomy

    Smear Campaigns and Lies: Dirty Politics

    Stolen American Taxpayer Resources: Tuition, Welfare, Licenses

    Taking limited seats in colleges at taxpayer expense

    Tax payer funds going to special interest groups (example) "LaRaza"

    Terrorism Threats and Loss of national security

    Trash and Negative Impact on Environment at border

    Unfair to Legal Immigrants

    Unfair Business Competition for law abiding companies

    Unlicensed and Uninsured Motorists

    Untaxed Wages

    Voter Fraud

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  • 4 years ago

    I've seen a lot of people making claims that illegal immigrants cost us a lot of money in social programs. They also make vague claims of criminality, although these are largely unsubstantiated, and almost entirely exaggerated, apart from identity fraud. The people who've focused on the financial aspects have ignored the fact that the illegals usually do pay taxes (this is why they're using fake SSNs, so that they can pay taxes), and that while they do suppress wages in some sectors, they also suppress costs to businesses, and hence to consumers, and, in some cases, their low wage labor is responsible for keeping businesses from folding due to foreign competition. They don't normally pay property taxes to support schools, but they do pay rent to landlords who would get tax abatements if their apartments were empty. I don't want to suggest that everything about immigration is good for everyone. There are some clear losers due to immigration - mainly low skill Americans who have to compete with people willing to work harder for less money. On the other hand, the rest of us benefit a lot from this low cost labor, but a lot of the time, we don't realize the benefits when they're coming in. The problem, then, is the social system which gives out too many benefits, not the immigration. Nearly every specific thing people mentioned could be solved by allowing all these immigrants to come in legally, but cutting them off from social services.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Everything Deport Em All said is a great summation. One thing left out is that America is divided and about to have Civil Violent repercussions in all States due to lack of government control of our laws and borders. Small instances have already been occurring. It's gonna get worse.

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  • 9 years ago

    Guess you don't live in a border state do you?

    Let's see, here's the short list

    1. They take taxpayer resources when they need hospital care, schooling, food, shelter, etc.etc.etc.

    2. They come in and steal our cars and take them back to Mexico.

    3. They murder, rape, steal and pillage whatever they want and run back to Mexico so they can't be prosecuted.

    4. They run drugs, humans smuggling and are ruthless killers. They conduct gang activity in all our cities.

    It is not just the poor, needy and hungry who come here looking for a low wage job...it is also criminals who take advantage of our stupidity in not caring who comes here and why.

    Source(s): Deport them all thank you for the much more comprehensive list...people have no idea what these people cost us in terms of dollars, lives, and quality of life.
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  • 9 years ago

    Can I come to your house.. and just take over a couple rooms? While I'm there.. can I just help myself to whatever is in your fridge? Do you have an attractive daughter or wife.. can I help myself to them too? I'll also need access to your wallet, so I can take whatever I want and send it to my family. They'll need money to be able to drive over and move in with me.

    I'll take out your trash for you if you let me. And, obviously, without me being there to do it your trash could NEVER get taken out.

    And remember.. I'm just doing this to give myself a better life.

    THAT is what you're asking us to do on a national level.. are you willing to do it yourself?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just refer to Deport 'em All's list then ask yourself, "What problems do they not cause?"

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    bed bugs

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    the problem its causing is that its taking attention from the bigger miore important issues

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