Tips on buying snow skis?

I plan to buy skis with bindings locally through craigslist. I want to buy the boots online. Will all boots fit all bindings? How does that work? I'm 6' 180 lbs. and plan on getting 160-180 sized skis. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you Also how good are these brands fischer, elan, and rossignol? Thanks

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    9 years ago
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    K2 T9 Sweet Luv Womens Skis with Marker M2 10.0 Bindings

    Ideal for any recreational skier, the Sweet Luv is known for its versatility and forgiving nature; the result of combining a Torsion Box construction, which is made considerably lighter and does not reduce the strength of the ski and the women's specific Bioflex core for dampness under foot and a lighter swing. The softer tip and tail allows the skier to effortlessly initiate a turn and ski any slope. A great ski for the all mountain female skier that wants a great ski and a great deal, the K2 Sweet Luv is both. .


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    9 years ago

    Do NOT buy any boots on line without trying them on first and wearing them tight on your feet for several hours. The proper fit of the boots is the most critical part of the whole ski package.

    As to ranking the skis you mention, I'd list them as you did. All 3 brands are good to excellent brands, the different models ski different and how they are tuned makes a big difference in how they ski. Have your bindings inspected and adjusted at a professional ski shop, also talk to a good boot fitter about balance and heel rise in the boot and binding combination. Bindings do wear out with use, your boots should last 2-4 years depending on the number of days you ski. Typical boot life is 150+ days for me and then they are like bedroom slippers when I'm done. 15 days a year means 10 years, $500 for boots over 10 years is $50 a year. Spend the money for a good fit at a professional shop that will guarantee the fit. Well worth the money.

    Source(s): 45+ years teaching skiing
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    Do not buy your boots on line! They are the most important piece of your equipment. They need to be sized and fitted by an experienced boot fitter. But I won't go into the lengthy details of proper boot sizing and fitting here.

    All boots will fit all bindings with some adjustment. Also to be done by an experienced ski technician.

    160 - 180 is a rather large range for length. Your skis should be sized by your height/weight/ability and type of skiing you primarily do. Generally, I'd say 170-175 would be about the right length for your height/weight but again it will be further determined by the type of skiing you primarily do, your level of ability and the particular ski make & model. Different skis have different stiffness and torsion flex.

    Read some ski mags, talk to some sales people in the store before you buy.

    Any of the three brands you mentioned are reputable brands. I'd rate them Rossignol, Fischer, Elan but that's just my personal opinion.

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    Buy the best fitting boots you can and have them heat molded to your feet. Rent the skis at the resort unless you are going by car. Airlines charge for skis more than you want to pay. When you rent the skis try several different makes and models while you are there. Then you can decide what you want to purchase. Allow at least 4 hours in the boot shop to get fit properly in this pair of boots. While there shop for a ski outfit and some other items for your trip. Have fun. Buy a more advanced boot than your ability level since you will be improving your skills you need a boot that will last you several seasons. At your height and ability a 155 or about that (160 if a twin tip) is what I would suggest.

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