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How to use a duel spec and what is a duel spec in WoW?

What is a duel spec in World of Warcraft. I know it involves your talent points to where you can have 2 talent trees. When you buy the duel spec does it give you more talent points to use on both trees? And after the 4.1 patch are duel specs 100 gold now instead of 1000 gold?

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    I'm a long time WoW player. My main Char is a level 80 Night Elf Rogue. I'm a huge PvPer and generally never had any trouble with my spec....Until I got into raiding, My PvP spec was often times not as effective as a pure Raid spec. It was a major hassle and cost alot of gold to go and re spec to raiding and the re spec again for PvP. Duel spec just gives you the ability to alternate between 2 completely different specs. It does not give you extra talents. It just makes it easier and cheaper for people who PvP and Raid.

    I don't think the price dropped with 4.1 but I'm not sure. Last I heard was that when Cataclysm is relesed it will drop to 100g.

    Source(s): 6 year WoW vetern. Level 80 Night Elf Rogue
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    It adds a secondary talent spec so you can switch back and forth between that one and your main spec.

    Its really useful for classes with more than roll, especially hybrid classes.

    Say I play a paladin, and my Main roll is healing, but i like to DPS as well.

    Instead of always respeccing all the time, I can buy a Dual-spec and switch between my heal spec and my dps spec as much as I want.

    Dual-spec will also include your glyphs

    Source(s): General knowledge
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    it doesnt give you extra talent points in your main tree, but it gives you a second set of talents which you can switch back and forth with your main spec. helpful for going from healing to dps if youre a healing class, or tank to dps if youre a tank class

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    interior the subsequent patch, confident. it is going to value 2000g and is barely accessible to point 80 characters. you are able to set 2 specs and turn between them at will, for you i assume shadow and holy. you are able to in elementary terms change as quickly as each and every hour or so yet your spellbars / glyphs / kit is likewise set to particular instruments.

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