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How to effectively deal with the insects at home?

Insects often have a lot of home

What method can effectively deal with?

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    10 years ago
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    insects need food, water, or a place to live to thrive. Making sure you are not having the right conditions for the various types of insect invaders. The vast majority of insect issues inside are insects coming in from the outside. Creating barriers, by mechanical means or maybe chemical means can be an aid.

    Not so sure about spraying alcohol as your insecticide, for that matter gasoline will be less of a fire hazard and much cheaper than alcohol. it can also dry out and bleach out, or discolor various plastics, just use an approved and labeled insecticide if you are wanting to "spray" for your pests.

    Source(s): me-exterminator
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  • 10 years ago

    Spraying them with rubbing alcohol will kill them. Rubbing alcohol cost a whole dollar for a bottle It dries real fast and is not flammable. It is used on the skin and is very safe to use.

    Putting some insect powder out for them will kill them when they crawl in .

    Spraying the foundation of the home with Home Defense will kill bugs before they get in.

    There are a lot of insect killers on the shelves in the stores. There are pictures on the bags of what ever insects you have.

    Windex will kill insects.

    Source(s): We spray Ortho Home Defense around the foundation of our house to get the bugs before they come in. The alcohol can be put in a a spray bottle.
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