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幾時加 The,a,an,this?

The dog runs. ﹝意指這隻狗或那隻狗跑。﹞點解個run要加s ?幾時先要加?要在什麼地方加s ? (My mun cooks lunch every day)cook要加s?

The dogs run. ﹝意指這些狗或那些狗跑。﹞點解又唔加....


1. 這隻小雞和這頭牛。

2. 一個婦人和一隻老鼠。

3. 一隻碟、一隻蛋和一隻小雞。

4. John 和一個教師。

5. 一隻獅子、一隻狗和一隻貓。

6. 日本或法國。

7. 一艘船和一列火車。

8. 這個男子、這個婦人和這個男孩。

9. 這個女孩、這個男孩和 Mary。

10. 一條臂膀、一隻眼睛和一個鼻子。



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    "The" is for specific things, like the Sun(there's only one)

    "A" is for single.

    Eg: A pen, A hat

    "An" is used when that word starts wf vowels(a, e, i, o ,u)

    Eg: An apple

    Your example.

    The(that specific dog) Dog runs(dog is single, not plural, so add s)

    We add "s" when the noun is in plural form,

    eg: cats, hats, fingers

    Your example again.

    The(the specific ones) dogs(some) run("dogs" is a plural, so no need add s)


    1.This chick and this cow.

    2. A woman and a mouse.

    3. A dish, an egg and a chicken.

    4. John, and a teacher.

    5. A lion, a dog and a cat.

    6. Japan or France.

    7. A boat and a train.

    8. This man, the woman and the boy.

    9. This girl, the boy and Mary.

    10. One arm, one eye and a nose.

    Source(s): me+google
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