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Music Institution (LA) or Berklee?

Which is better for guitarist. of course berklee? reasons please

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I can't really speak for MI, but I've heard a few positive but mostly negative things.

    Why I think Berklee is a good choice:

    1) The incredible amount of talent and diversity in the student body: with 4000 students who were selected from a very competitive audition pool, 25% international, you can find people who play basically any style of music with every kind of background and outlook on life/ music. People are extremely passionate and, generally, open-minded and excited to expand their horizons.

    2) The variety of styles: there are labs and ensembles for almost anything you can find in contemporary music, from straight-ahead jazz to avant-garde, r&b, pop, rock, funk, world music, folk... you name it, you can probably find a class or 10 for it

    3) The location: obviously LA is a great place for musicians, but Boston is also a great place to find musicians to play with, places to play, and shows to see. The city is also full of other schools so there are lots of student filmmakers/artist/etc. to collaborate with

    4) The opportunities and resources available: rehearsal space, studios, equipment, workshops with a wide variety of musicians and industry people, audition opportunities for tours and gigs

    Source(s): Berklee student
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