What to write about.. My short story for english.?

Ok, so I have complete writers block and I have no idea what to write my short story about. Any ideas? It has to be something creative and it has to be 2-4 pages so it should have a really good plot.. help please?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Start off with this high school quarterback going home, after practice, on foot and decides to take a short cut through the woods and the sun suddenly drops behind the hill leaving him in unexpected darkness.So he hurries his walk, trips and hits his head and when he comes to he hears men talking just 30 feet away. They're holding flashlights and digging in the dirt. Curiously he sneaks a little closer so he could see and hear what they're up to. One of the men mentions the name of his friend's father and how he had it coming. As the quarterback decides to go home and call the police, he accidentally snaps a dead branch under his foot and the men look his way......(your turn)

    Source(s): You could have him climb a tree and the men flashing their lights around the ground looking to see if anyone was there, right under him. Or you could have him take the chance of running and in his head he's pretending he's running with the ball for the team to give himself strength to outrun the men.
  • 9 years ago

    someone could always give you a plot, but I think your best bet is to find your own inspiration. What helps me when I have writers block is to read one of my favorite books for 30 minutes or so. It helps me to .want. to write in the first place. If you don't like reading, try music, art, brainstorming on paper, or use one of your personal experienced to create a plot.

  • 9 years ago

    write about a kid who has to write a short story and has complete writers block. this kid has to write a paper thats 2-.4 pages and had to be creative & have a erally good plot. but the kid wasnt creative. so (s)he looked for answers on yahoo.com. and (s)he found an awesome girl that gave him the best advice.

  • Joanne
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    9 years ago

    If you're a girl you could write about the hatefulness of the preppy girls in classes, how depressing it is to take it all but in the end, achieve a goal of taking it all and standing above them by gaining a trusted group of friends and becoming understanding to herself.

    If you're a boy talk about a game of soccer or something who never excelled in it but his father has cancer and he realized that now, he has something to live for and to make his father proud so he makes the winning goal.

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