matching dates to a star chart?

so I was thinking of naming a star for my best friend until I did some research on it and saw that it wasnt real. And I was like I'm not gonna spend all that money for something thats not legit but then I read an idea on actually getting the time and date of birth of a person and matching it to a star chart to see which was the closest to being overhead at that time and yea I guess showing that star to the person or watever I forgot the rest of it lol. But I dont know exactly how to go about this, I googled up star charts but I just get those constellation diagrams showing different stars nothing like matching time and date, does anybody know how to do this? Or does anybody know anything else meaningful I could do that has to do with astronomy my friends really into that stuff. Thanks!

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  • GeoffG
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    1 decade ago
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    This site will generate star charts for any date, time, and location, and the star which was overhead at that point will be in the centre of the chart:

    Another idea is to find a star which is the same distance away in light years as your friend is old in years. In other words, the light left the star in the year in which he was born.

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