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Is Andre Johnson and Aaron Hernandez for Marshawn Lynch and Mario Manningham fair?

This trade was accepted, but it has come under question by the league. The league is based on yards, not touchdowns, so yards gained are worth a lot more than TDs.

Team A (getting AJ and Hernandez) just had Finley go down, so he needed a TE. He also already has 3 great RBs in Gore, Foster, and Mendenhall.

Team B (getting Lynch and Manningham) has good WRs (Brandon Marshall, Malcolm Floyd) and bad RBs (Steven Jackson, Brandon Jacobs, Spiller, and Hightower).

You can see that the Team B needs RBs, but some people are saying that giving up AJ for just Lynch is not a fair deal. What do you guys think? Also, try not to factor in todays action because the trade was processed before the games and the trade shouldn't be judged on knowledge that was impossible to know prior to today. thanks for your responses.

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    ABSOLUTELY NOT! Team A kills!

    This is basically the trade:

    Team A Gets: The #1 WR in the NFL and a Top 10 TE with the loss of Moss

    Team B Gets: A Top 25 RB (splits carries with Justin Forsett) and a Top 40 WR (#3 on his own team's depth chart)

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    Are you in a 4 team league? How can one team in all hazard have that many proper RB and WR? Addai, Westbrook, Peterson (assuming it rather is the Peterson) and TO are all gamers i've got seen pass interior the proper 12 of ever draft i've got been in this year (and that's a team of ESPN loose leagues) so how did they finally end up on one team? it rather is complicated to declare if this commerce must be made. how many are you able to start at each and each place? i think of if Johnson continues to be wholesome he will outscore Lynch, yet you may ought to %. and choose out of your WR who to start each and each week (i assume you will ought to do this besides). i assume i could make the commerce inspite of the incontrovertible fact that- except you may initiate all your RBs (which might mean which you're interior the main unusual delusion league ever), you isn't commencing Lynch lots any way.

  • 9 years ago

    100% not fair. no questions asked. Even if a team NEEDS something that trade should be close to being somewhat fair, and this is just ridiculous. Far from it.

  • 9 years ago

    I dont think its fair...Andre johnson alone is worth more than lynch and manningham

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  • 9 years ago

    definatly not!!! This is just what I think but I've gone to and they help me out every week on who to play and who to sit. Just go to the top of their home page and click the "Ask our experts" link. They know what their talking about. Good Luck!!!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    are you kidding me. that is not a fair trade at all Andre johnson is way more valuable than any of those players.

  • MuIIer
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    9 years ago

    someone in my league made a Arian Foster - Owen Daniels swap

  • 9 years ago

    That is a bad trade.

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