i cant see obama as the hope and change candidate from during the campaign.?

did he lie about transparency and back room deals. would the peoples candidate exempt small groups from regulations while enforcing those regulations on the masses? if health care is good why let so many special groups( unions, politicians) from the law?

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  • Al
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    9 years ago
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    Yes, he lied about "Transparency in Government". He didn't lie about change though. He has changed a great deal, and in my view, not necessarily for the better. His first act as "Leader" should have been to pull the Nation together, but he did not. Instead he named 40+ "TSARS" to have absolute authority and no oversight to rule over all the major areas or big business in America. Health care is not good for anybody. Doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, insurance companies, and individuals all stand to lose. "Hope" is all but extinct in this Country as our President bows to foreign kings, denounces police, raises taxes, borrows Trillions of dollars we can't repay, and goes on spending money to bail out banks, finance companies, and wall street. He stands with his hands in his pockets while our borders are being breached by criminals, takes extravagant vacations, and continues to "campaign" his way around the Country with arrogance and lack of compassion for the non-working millions of people who need the Governments help. Further, he has stated that, if he has to decide, he will stand with his Muslim brothers. I personally feel that we are rapidly approaching a tipping point, from which America will never be able to recover. Rhetoric, promises, and spending will be the death of a once great nation.

  • cork
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    9 years ago


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