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How can you turn a comic into an iphone app?

If you have a whole set of images "lets say Jpg" files, which are part of a hand drawn comic you scanned onto the computer, I am wondering how could you turn the images into an iphone application for people to download and read? All answers are thanked for in advance and if you have any ideas, please post them!

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    You could use a mobile app builder to create the app like

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    there's no application that may try this with the aid of fact apple runs all the apps that are on the appstore to work out in the event that they are legal or only might injury apple and a app that would desire to turn your iPod right into a telephone may be undesirable for apple so they does not have that plus theres lots of inexpensive telephones so which you will have an iTouch and make contact with with the aid of fact there relatively isn't a super distinction between the iPod touch and the iPhone aside from telephone applications

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    I have a good way to convert images to iPhone

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