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How to become an "alternative model"?

I've heard of that type of modeling - girls who have piercings, tattoos, dyed hair - the type of girls you see in band videos. And that's what I look like so I was curious how to get started in this type of modeling?

How do I get this type of photoshoot?

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    You should start by being very adept at business, a martial art and combat handgun techniques. You also need two other skilled people to accompany you on assignments. There is no safe and legitimate alternative modeling agency that I know of. Alternative models have to stroke it out for themselves using sites like Model Mayhem and Suicide Girls. Try to find a local studio photographer with fashion experience and pay them, rather than the TFCD photographers.

    It's a very limited field, most alternative photo shoots are done with "standard" models and makeup and special effects.

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    Suicide Girls is your best bet. It's not really a modeling agency, more of a soft core site for girls with tattoos and piercings.

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    Your safest bet is model mayhem.

    Help me out by voting at please!!

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