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Do you think that Dale Jr still enjoys racing?

Serious question. I for one believe that Dale Jr doesn't enjoy racing. It can't be fun having all the pressure that he does, and not being able to perform. What do you guys think?

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    Jr might still like NASCAR racing, but Racing in general, I doubt it. The Fire in the sports car series changed him for the worse, and that incident still hangs over his head. He still has the firesuit from the wreck. So I doubt he is enjoying it when he doesn't run great.

  • 4 years ago

    What a load of crap,..The only difference is how close the competition is, besides those that cheat.. Put Enry Jr. back with Dale,.. now that they've seen the new cheats, and let's see whathappen's.. Yall must be reading those clowns at espn..footbal channel.

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    Yes, he still enjoys racing. But he said something on the radio last night, about the way he was running is embarrassing and it was, everytime Lance did something to the car it made it worse. I think if he could just win 1 race it would motivate everyone on the team, but Lance just doesn't understand what Jr is trying to tell him. If he did not enjoy racing he would not be out there, he could retire tomorrow he has enough money to live a couple lifetimes.

    Go Dale Jr

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    Good question, it's complicated, and anyone who says he's in it for the money is a douche bag with NO money. Even if he quit today, his great grandchildren will never have to work if they don't want to so get real people.

    I believe the guy lives to drive a race car. That said, it's gotta suck driving one that isn't working good and being unable to improve it.

    But racing is, has been, and always will be his life. His entire family is involved in it in one way or another. Did you ever expect Michael Corleone to leave the family business? No.

    The negative aspects of the pressure and lack of success all come when he is out of the car, being strapped in is probably the most comfortable he ever gets.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think racing is Dale Jr's outlet from eveything else. I've never been a real fan of him, but I hope he can get back up there and run competitively again

  • 9 years ago

    I think if he didn't enjoy it, he wouldn't be doing it.

    As for the $$, he could retire tomorrow and have enough money to sustain a very cushy lifestyle for the rest of his life. I don't think he races for money anymore.

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    Not with Rick Hendrick he doesn't. I've been listening to the in-car radio of Dale Jr's cars and I heard him pretty much just give in to the nonsense and say "It's not my job to make crew chief changes". Dale Jr has gotten so tired of trying to explain how the car is acting and watching the Lance McGrew make unneeded adjustments, and too big adjustments, that he just has given up trying to explain.

    If you ask my opinion, I think Dale Jr may be working on getting out of Rick Hendrick's shop. If he isn't then he needs to. I don't believe Rick would let Jr out early if he wanted to go because Rick Hendrick only wants Dale Jr for his money. Rick Hendrick is Brian France's butt kisser anyway.

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    He does make a lot of money, but I think he also stays in it to keep the Earnhardt family legacy alive and to keep all of the Earnhardt fans having an Earnhardt to cheer for. I think this all comes back to my point of keeping the Earnhardt legacy alive.

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    He has achieved celebrity status off the track and he enjoys that more than racing. He doesn't lose fans even though he seldom wins. Other more successful drivers don't have the popularity or endorsements that he has. He is living off his dad's reputation and little else.

  • 9 years ago

    Racing "No" The money: Most definitely

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