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has the energy source of the electric car changed over time?

dont understand the question

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    Definitely seems to be a confusing question. But there are at least two ways to look at this. First would be to see if the conventional ways to supply electricity to the vehicle has changed over time. Then it depends upon also what you consider an electric car. The first electric cars were adaptations of horse drawn carriages. They ran on batteries that could not be recharged and the electricity had to be produced by a chemical reaction within the battery only.

    With the advent of rechargeable batteries power from a generator or later the electric grid could be used to recharge the battery. A later adaptation was to electrify an train "car" so that it could run with electricity transmitted to the vehicle from overhead wired or a "third rail"

    So if by "source" we can infer the means by which electricity is transmitted to the electric motor then there have been changes. But to suggest that any one method has been scrapped in favor of another is probably inaccurate. Each has a place. It is possible we will abandon batteries in favor of transmitting electricity to vehicles using a cable buried in roadways. (that is now being developed in several places.)

    But we have also changed the methods by which we produce electricity. Originally we used steam engines and water wheels to run dynamos that produced the electricity. Wind may have been used in some places. More recent ways to produce electricity would include Coal fired steam turbines, nuclear powered steam turbines, solar steam turbines, geothermal powered steam turbines, and moving further away, stirling engines, solar powered wind generation in a solar chimney, wave action, tidal action and actually many more methods.

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    No, because it is by definition electrical energy, and always is the same energy source type.

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