Should my husband complain to the IG? This is messed up?

So my husband is a SPC in the Army National Guard. He told me that his E-5 SGT calls him a shitbag and makes fun of his weight all the time because he's on profile. He also says that he's not a good soldier because he has PTSD and never been deployed. Also all the sgts are taking advantage of all the lower enlisted and making them do all the work while they just sit down, chill and bullshit with eachother. So one of the soldiers ends your telling one of the higher ranking sgts who's deployed and the unit gets in trouble. So the next day one of the SFC tells the whole unit that the next person who opens there mouth about what's going on thenthere going to smoke the crap out of Everyone.

BTW there unit is deployed so there the detachment....I think its messed up that they're treating there soldiers like that they need to act like role models and NCO's not like scum.

Should he complain?


The thing that bothers me the most is that the sgt continues to make fun of him about his weight and ptsd!! I can see why the army has such high cases of suicide...

He's not fat, just a little overweight but the army sees this as fat

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    Okay, I'm not sure what the reason for the complaint is. As far as the Junior Enlisted guys doing all the grunt work while the NCOs watch, that's the norm and IG will just laugh if you complain about it. Junior Enlisted does a lot of the grunt work. The military doesn't have janitors or landscapers or anything like that. Junior soldiers sweep, mop, scrub, paint, mow lawns, pick up trash, and all that fun stuff. It sort of motivates you to try to get promoted, so you can sit around and "supervise." Of course, once you do get to that point, you begin to understand that the NCOs are doing a lot of work of their own,

    As far as calling your husband names and making fun of him for having PTSD. Yeah, that's a little out of line. If he has a profile, he's going to have trouble making weight- but he still needs to make weight. His NCO needs to be researching ways to help him work out without hurting himself - he should consult the TMC that originally gave his soldier the profile for some tips.

    If he has PTSD, even if it's not from combat, it's from some traumatic life event that REALLY shouldn't be made fun of. You can get PTSD from witnessing a murder or being in a car wreck where you saw people badly injured or killed or from surviving a natural disaster. It might not be combat, but none of that is less than serious.

    Before running crying to IG, your husband needs to talk one on one with his SGT and tell him (respectfully) that he has a problem being made fun for having PTSD and that he would really like to lose weight but he's having trouble because of the profile, and would like some work out guidance from the SGT.

    If that doesn't work, he should ask his acting platoon sergeant or whoever is next in the chain of command. If that doesn't work, he should talk to one of the officers. If THAT doesn't work, yes, he has a possible case for IG. But only if he can document all this, on paper.

    Source(s): U.S. Army 2003-2009
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    He has a right to make a complaint through the IG after he has exhausted the use of his chain of command. Keep in mind that making unfounded complaints against superiors is a MAJOR DEAL and could result in disciplinary action on his part.

    Let's recap...

    "makes fun of his weight all the time because he's on profile" - are required to maintain weight EVEN on profile

    "He also says that he's not a good soldier because he has PTSD and never been deployed." Yeah no sh*t.

    "sgts are taking advantage of all the lower enlisted and making them do all the work while they just sit down, chill and bullshit with eachother" It's the freaking military! Officers plan, NCOs supervise, and E-4s and below DO! Simple concept.

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    Gut reaction.....BOO HOO...

    If he does not like being made fun of due to his weight, he can either lose weight or get out. If you feel the need to do something you can help him lose weight. If you are over weight, you could lose some with him and make it a family deal.

    Higher rank people always have lower rank people do the grunt work. You really think a SGT is going to mop floors when there is a lower ranking enlisted person around to do it? Get real.

    So what if he gets called a shitbag? Now if they called him a "fag" "***.ger" or "spick" then he would have grounds to complain.

    Your "man" needs to man up. And you as a wife need to butt out entirely. If he can not handle things, having you get involved will really screw things up for him.

    In the meantime, tell him a side to side sweep with the mop works better than forward and backwards. It also burns a lot of calories.

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    There's really nothing you can do, unless they physically hurt him or he felt threatened with his life. That's just how the military it. However there are supposed to have respect towards lower enlistees still. Well there not supposed to be totall asses to them.

    Just because he has PTSD doesnt mean he's not a good soldier though. He could be a great soldier but just be going through alot of issues right now. Is he seeing a psychiatrist for help on this? If not he should.

    About the weight thing, maybe he should work on that. They shouldn't make fun of him though. It might be because there trying to pressure him into loosing weight? I dont know but like I said they are supposed to treat you with a little more decentcy once your out of basic. Doesnt always happen though.

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  • 4 years ago

    You could have a lot of fun with this, sister!! How about about setting up a Friday box? Everything of his that is on the floor or generally where it does not belong, goes in the Friday box. He will always be able to find it, it may not be laundered but he will know where the stuff is at least, and you will have a lot less work tidying. On Friday (or another day, if that works better for you) do the laundry that's in the box and put the other items away. You keep your sanity and he knows where his 'stuff' is.

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    No, thats how the Army just is. The lower ranking Soldiers are there to do the work. The E-5s have already done their time, they've earned it. Sounds like the lower enlisted guys should just shut up and do what they're told, instead of complaining and whining. Your husband should also get in better shape and off profile.

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  • 10 years ago

    He needs to lose some damn weight and stop being a p*ssy...if he doesn't want it to get worse he should shut up, get his promo points up and then he can sit back and watch lower enlisted do the work. What did he think it was going to be like?!

    That doesn't mean all those NCO's are GOOD NCO's, but no matter what, he can't really b*tch until he soldiers up and gets some rank.

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    Sounds like a regular day in the armed forces. If he can't handle it, he shouldn't be enlisted.

  • 10 years ago

    He needs to keep his mouth shut he is the ARMY

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    10 years ago

    sh!t rolls down hill

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