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The Awesome One asked in SportsWrestling · 10 years ago

Jesse Neal or Shark Boy + YWAAWF results?

All winners are in MITB

Southern Badass vs Tap or Snap Retirement Match.

SB goes right after him. He starts rapidly punching him. Tap or Snap tries to dodge it but SB kicks him in the gut. The ref starts yelling at SB. SB punches the ref in the face. A new ref comes out and calls for the bell. MSF comes out and tells the ref that if he ends the match than he will have to find a new job. The ref says that the match is still on. Tap or Snap rolls up SB. SB's career full of hard work and losses might end right now! 1,2, kickout! That was a close call. SB's career was 1 second away from being destroyed. SB obviously is not going down without a fight. They get in a stare down and SB slaps Tap or snap in the face. Tap or Snap holds his face and gets mad. He goes to kick SB but SB takes his foot, he spins around Tap or Snap. Tap or Snap falls and SB starts stepping on him. He pins him. I dont know why SB is going for the pin so early. 1,2,3! It seems like Tap or Snap didnt even want to stay!

winner: Southern Badass. (Neither promoed but Tap or Snap never promoed in his career so he deserved to lose)

Ricky Edwards vs Big Mike. winner: Ricky Edwards

Main Event

T3JH and Aj Styles Fan vs Shaun Cold and Dubian Jmo fan. (I dont have time to do full results)

winner: Shaun Cold and Dubian Jomo Fan


Physco Dude 99 vs Nick Tyson, winner is in MITB match at Christmas Eve Brawl.

Static Celsius vs Straight Edge Suicide winner is in MITB match at Christmas Eve Brawl

Storm Lightning vs T3JH


LP23, they are for fun. And dont complain to me. Its not like I created efeds. So LP23, if you dont like them then stop answering questions about them. (In your words) Like Seriously...

Update 2:

and SES, promo for your match

Update 3:

thx Phenonenal Mastermind

Update 4:

nice promo SES

Update 5:

good job T3JH. thx for the compliment. now here is one back, nice promo, you will prolly win because Storm Lightning has never promoed b4

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  • 10 years ago
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    Promo- DJoMo

    Looks like i won huh on my debut. I wasn't for sure that i will win facing jeff and aj but ironically i did and this will continue on because i am and will be the best in this company.... my first match may have been amazing but you havent seen anything yet ...looks like fame really doesn't help in matches does it and it felt good to be teaming with one of the best in the business. Looks like i am getting a week break since i don't have a match this week but that doesn't mean i lie around and do nothing i want a match this week for anything. Watch Out YWAAWF because DJoMo has arrived.

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Cool .

    I agree, Tap or Snap never did promo, so he did deserve to lose and retire .

    Edit: Promo: Personally, I don't who the hell Static Celsius is . But whoever he is, I don't think you have ever met me . When you get in the ring with me, you are stepping into the point of no return . I will leave you lying in a puddle of your own blood and your life will flash before you saying, why ? Next week, I will qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and be declared the winner . And when I do win, there will be quite a change in YWAAWF . None of you hypocritic tapeworms have to listen to me, but I will have the last laugh when I win the Money in the Bank breifcase and then move on to the peak of my career as the new world champion . All you have to do is wait, and before you know it, Static Celsius will be dead and I'll be the new world champion . (Then I push the interviewer and laugh) .

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  • 10 years ago

    Nice show

    BQ-Storm Lightning im not gonna say much but if i were you i wouldn't come to the ring tonigh,because if you do im gonna beat the crap out do you understand me and you not in my league im a former HWA and EPWA World Heavyweight Champion,im a future hall of fame but what are you huh...................... ..Nothing ,after i beat you tonight and qualifie for the Money in the Bank,Trust me i will win that MITB Contract because im the best in the world at what i do.

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  • 10 years ago

    Jesse Neal would beat Shark Boy.

    Great Show

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    10 years ago

    Shark Boy

    Source(s): MORTAL KOMBAT !!!!!!!!
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  • 10 years ago


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  • 10 years ago

    jesse neal

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  • - Neither to be honest.

    - And why do people do these E-Fed's? Like seriously

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