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Is it possible to fail a breathalyzer test but pass a blood alcohol test?

My friend passed the field sobriety tests but blew a .10 into the breathalyzer. He then was taken to the police station where his blood was tested for BAC. Does failing the breathalyzer mean you automatically fail the actual BAC blood test?

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    Those field tests are called PBTs (Portable Breath Test) and ARE NOT admissible in court. The only reason we have people take those tests is to establish whether or not alcohol was present at time of contact. The suspect is then usually given a choice of a blood test or a breath test using an INTOXILYZER. both of which are scientifically proven to accurately determine the BAC (Blood alcohol content) or BrAC (Breath alcohol content) of the subject. The have actually withdrawn and tested blood of a subject while he was taking the Intox test and the results were the same. So yes the PBT can be off as it isnt used for alcohol content just alcohol presence.

    Source(s): Current Law Enforcement
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  • 4 years ago

    You were way over the limit for an under age person. The DUI will stick. You aren't even supposed to be drinking let alone getting behind the wheel after you do so. As for the comments from the Police,that has nothing to do with the fact that you were driving while impaired.

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    Yup...hate to say it. Even if you passed the breath test the alcohol will stay in your blood longer.

    ALso, they can also check you for any drugs on that bloodwork. So if you smoked a jiont or did anything depending on what you signed, they can check you for drugs as well as alcohol.

    Source(s): Contact your state motor vehicles office and get an attorney asap
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    Breathalizers can show a false read. Blood tests never do.

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    you actually can be charged with dui if you legally are under the limit of booze in you. a 1st time drinker is drunk way before they hit the legal limit.

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