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What would a referee do in badminton?

I'm really confused. i understand like in football what a referee would do...i.e if there is a fail the referee will award a free kick or a penality..but what does the referee do in badminton. what happens if the player is,

1: in a illegal posistion

2:player hit by the shuttle cock

3:shuttle out of play:

4: or illegal serve

5:out of bounds

6:gets stuck in the net

Basically as a badminton referee what do they do if this happens in the game what is the procedure, like do they blow a whistle and stop the game then what.

like in footbal the referee can stop the game award penalites , free kicks , drop ball, etc but what does the referee in a badminton match do if these scenerios happen.It's really confusing as to what the referee would do if this happend in a match help please.

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    1 point for hitting team

    2 point for hitting team

    3 point for non hitting team

    4 point for non serving team

    5 point for non hitting team

    6 point for non hitting team.

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    There are standard set of rules by Badminton World Federation.

    Check out their rules-handbook and you will have your questions answered apart from all other rules.

    Here is the link:

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