How do you do this Trauma centre: Under the knife level?

It's called It never ends (Chapter 9 episode 5 or Chapter 5 episode 9, i'm not sure) and I have been stuck on this level for about 2 years! PLEASE help!!


I have done the three patients in 10 minutes, I just have to save Angie's dad now

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    The game doesn't tell you this, but all you have to do is treat 3 patients. The game will cover the other two if you run out of time. Also, if you do run out of time, you will not get a Game Over, you will continue provided that vitals are still up.

    Thus, the minimum you ever have to do is finish 2 patients in under 10 minutes and be working on the 3rd patient by the timer hits 0. Then after you finish the 3rd patient, you'll progress through the game as normal.

    One hint for you is to not worry too much about vitals except for the last patient you're working on. The patients "in-between" do not contribute to anything score related nor do they transfer to the next patient. Even if the first patient has 90 vitals, the second patient would only start like at 30 or 40. The only thing you should worry about (besides time) are your misses.


    "It Never Ends" is the 5 patient one.

    The one that is on Angie's father is "Death Awaits All". For this operation, DO NOT USE THE HEALING TOUCH UNTIL THE VERY END. You'll know when to use it. Using it before you're supposed to and you will NEVER win.

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