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想去美國exchange但已經有綠卡(green card)

我細個既時候用BNO申請咗green card, 但一直都冇坐移民監, 一直都冇返過美國

但我黎緊將會去美國做exchange student, 宜家要申請visa

1. 我係咪一定要放棄張green card先拎到exchange student既visa?

2. 有人同我講如果我用特區護照申請visa就應該可以唔駛放棄green card(因為我當年係用BNO申請), 究竟係咪真係咁? 會唔會搞到我入唔到境?

3. 如果我既visa application俾人reject咗, 可唔可以同樣理由申請? 需時幾耐?


4. 如果我最後決定放棄張green card, 佢地會唔會有好大機會唔批我既exchange student visa?

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    1. Let put it this way. It is not necessary that the U.S. Consulate will approve your J-1 exchange visa. All visa applications are reviewed case by case.

    So you have to expect that you can be denied.

    Have a permanent resident card (regardless expired or not) will make you ineligible for all non-immigrant visa.

    So in a simple way, you drop the residency don't mean the U.S. will approve your visa application. But at least, getting a SB-1 Visa (Visa for resident with expired resident card) will guarantee you to get back.

    2. Of course not.

    3. Sure. It is your money and time. But think about this - if they approve you the first time, why approve later?

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    4. No one knows.

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    放棄同唔放棄 is not your choice.

    since you say you received the green card when you are little kid ( you mean how long ago ? ) your green card maybe already expired. you have to take a serious look at the card to see the expiration date.

    i have no idea why you apply EXCHANGE STUDENT to USA in first palce, you are green card holder. you are nothing to do with exchange student again....... i can't see why your family or you so foolish to do these things.

    which passport you use, BNO or HKSAR to apply visa is no difference, because that still is a same person ------> YOU.

    your informations, documents, finger paint in US State Department record still show it is YOU. so, don't be fooled by those no brain 有人同我講.

    if you get find out used double status to apply visa, you will be in black list and never allow to go to US in the future.

    now you have 2 choices:

    1. re-install your green card status. ( then you don't need student visa to go to USA ).


    2. 放棄張green card before you apply the student visa.( big chance you can get the student visa this way ).

    Source(s): live in US over 30 yrs
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