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can someone please clear this up(holocaust)?

so, i read a book (forgot title) about the holocaust where one survivor, from auschwitz said that alot of the younger girls were getting pregnant because people had to sleep close together and some stuff was going on at night(you know what i mean), but just last week at my school a lady who survived the holocaust, also at auschwitz said when they got there they had to drink some soup stuff and it had a new chemical that stopped them from having periods and they couldnt mensturate, so they were fertile for the rest of there lives and while they were at the camp. its weird cause they were from the same camps, and im really confused. please help and tell me what you know. what one is right, is it true they had to take a chemical to stop menstruation, etc. thanks.


well, you all prove a point but the guest speaker at my school said every woman to come into the camp, had to drink it, and if they refused they got into some kind of trouble.

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    As a writer, I have written many stories of the survivors of the camps. I served in Europe at the end of WW2 and helped liberate some of the camps. There are many untrue stories of the chemicals that were given to the inmates. Yes the Germans tried all sorts of chemicals on the inmates as experiment's. Remember the Germans, ie Hitler wanted only PURE bred Germans to inhabit Germany after he won the war. Jews were supposed to be annihilated and almost were. The german thinking was that if they could stop the women of the races which they considered inferior to them, then they could achieve the MASTER RACE.

    A pure German with Blue Eyes and blond hair was thought of as Gods creation. How in the world could anyone think that, when they are killing millions of innocent jews and gypsies.

    Karlsruhe,Germany, near the black forest is the only town to have had any sympathy for the jews during the war. Although the SS did establish a concentration camp on the banks of the Rhine river near the town.

    Stuttgart was the worst place. it was the shipping point the germans used as they transported them from Frankfurt.

    If you would like to read a story i wrote of two people who were there? (it has been copyrighted) i will send it to you

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    I never head about this "soup stuff," but I know Nazi doctors did experiments on both men and women to sterilize them. They may have used some kind of chemical, but I thought most of the experiments were surgical in nature. Actually Jews were shipped to Auschwitz to die. I doubt if the Nazis cared very much one way or the other. Auschwitz was a death camp and being pregnant was not going to get you out of a one-way trip to the gas chamber.

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    I don't think that there were chemicals to stop menstruation. It might be that you did not inform yourself that much about the female cycle, but generally if you are under extreme physical and psychic circumstances, plus your nutrition is not even minimum of one needs, such functions such as menstrual cycle just stop and that's why women did not have their mestruation there. People that came with 68 kg into the camp had 34kg when it was liberated - if they survived that long. Under such circumstances, women do not get their period. Moreover men and women were not in the same barracs or even parts of the camp - there were women camps inside one camp and one for the men, so they did not have any possibility to sleep that close together.

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    Auschwitz was a network of camps, it covered at least three major camps, with numerous satellite camps.

    As I understand it genders lived in separate camps or camps within camps, that makes the chance of intercourse slight, although, I suppose, not impossible.

    That might be the source of your confusion, if you could remember the name of the book you might clear it up for yourself.

    The doctor who performed the sterilisation experiments in Auschwitz was Carl Clauberg.

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    The Nazis experimented on their victims, and this means that both sets of information are, despite appearing contradictory, are correct. They experimented with controlled infertility and sterilisation, as the survivor who spoke with you stated but, they also exoerimented with increased fertility. Hence, pregnancy was only impossible for those who were the victims of the infertility and sterilisation experiments.

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    In the holocaust the Nazi scientists/doctors experimented with new drugs and chemicals on their Jewish captives. Since these drugs were highly experimentally they most likely didn't work for every person. Read the novel "Night."

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