Was n't Islam a socio/politico movement valid only for a particular period and particular location?

It was meant only to unite the pagan Arabs who had become wanton, irreligious and arrogant. They lacked any discipline. Only to unite them did Mohammed lead them. Also this was in context with Judeo/Christian/Arab supremacy.

To that end, the religion has validity. It has achieved its goal.

Since its use is over, the Muslims should stop converting other people.

But to impose this religion on others and trying to seek to convert others to this religion is most illogical. Yes, humanity and human values should be cherished we can understand. Zakat is a very good ideal. No doubt. Also fasting brings in self discipline.

Not following the Holy Book mandatorily verbatim, but to improve one's own life from whatever one can understand from it would be ideal

And sadly, terrorism is connected more with Islam than any other religion.

I want honest and well reasoned answers please.

Thank you.


@ Think Tanker - they have converted mainly by sword

Update 2:

@ Think Tank. India has suffered much because of the Ghazni/Ghori invasions and all other Muslim and Mughal rulers like Babur, Aurangzeb. Terrorizing in the name of religion.

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    Prophet Mohammed PBUH himslf wrote letters to Caesar, Khusro and other kings from non-Arabia. These letters were for invitation to embrace Islam.

    Moreover, is there indication in Quran restricting the work frame of Islam?

    If what you are saying is true, how come Islam become major religion of Turkey, North Africal, Indian subcontinent, Indonesia and Malaysia?

    How come Islam remained a major world power for 1300 years mostly centered in non-Arab areas?


    Converted by sword is one of greatest myth. Don't make statement, provide evidence. If your claim is true how can you explain 35%-40% Christians in Lebanon?

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    Well, according to the book "50 years in the church of Rome "written by an escaped jesuit priest he says church history is that Muhammad was trained by a the 2 priest as an arm of the church to have better control

    Source(s): 50 years in the church of rome
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