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Susan asked in SportsBaseball · 10 years ago

How many MLB players went to UC Berkeley?

Hey there - since Berkeley is pulling the plug/dollars on it's 100+ years baseball program I was curious how many of their players went on to the Majors - not that this is the only way to define a team - just curious. Please don't just quote wikipedia's top names from Cal. I KNOW Kent went there. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    There has been a lot more than 10, try 53.

    Jack Albright, John Baker, Lance Blankenship, Jack Bliss, Geoff Blum, Rod Booker, Chuck Cary, Mike Cather, Sam Champman, Chris Clapinski, Larry Colton, Taylor Douthit, Dave Dowling, Ryan Drese, Juan Eichelberger, George Ellison, Jimm Eppard, Mike Epstein, Jerry Goff, Pep Goodwin, Heinie Heitmuller, Dave Hengel, Chuck Hensley, Brian Horwitz, conor Jackson, Jackie Jenson, Jeff Kent, Darren Lewis, Matt Luke, Kevin Maas, Emil Mailho, Ed Mayer, Bob McNamara, Bob Melvin, Andy Messersmith, Brandon Morrow, Budd Morse, Curt Motton, Hap Myers, Xavier Nady, Doug Nickle, Rich Nye, Orval Overall, Monte Pearson, Earl Robinson, Ray Rohwer, Tyson Ross, Joe Smith, Mike Tonis, Tyler Walker, Bill Werle, Archie Wilson, and Jon Zuber

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    why cant u people just research this yourselves? the answer is 10

    Geoff Blum

    Mike Epstein

    Brian Horwitz

    Conor Jackson

    Jackie Jensen

    Jeff Kent

    Darren Lewis

    Kevin Maas

    Xavier Nady

    Tyler Walker

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