Can you list the things that are currently wrong with Manchester United?

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  • 9 years ago
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    2nd time in two days i'm going to post the 'Choose United' Poem... With a single addition towards the end, so it's unique.

    Choose to Support a club from a city you've never been to

    Choose to wear $hit Grey Shirts, and then blame them when Southampton stuff you

    Choose your own Referee and Assistants

    Choose to change the team you support every 10 Years

    Choose to forget 1969 to 1993 ever existed

    Choose to be snubbed by every decent player around the world, and then pretend you didn’t want them anyway

    Choose not knowing the history of your club.

    Choose Busby the Blue.

    Choose Dennis Law’s back-heel.

    Choose Sir Bobby Ticket Tout Charlton.

    Choose staging the World Cup in '66 and being handed a huge sum from the FA to develop your stadium but continue to bang on about City’s ground.

    Choose opening the gates at Old Trafford in the 60s after kick off to let people in for free.

    Choose forgetting you went 41 years without winning a trophy.

    Choose your highest ever attendance being at Maine Road.

    Choose that attendance still being lower than Newcastles.

    Choose United’s globalism and domination since the late '90s whilst forgetting the past.

    Choose having statues of two Man City players outside your ground.

    Choose being so obsessed with Man City that you have a permanent banner dedicated to them on the Stretford End.

    Choose paying £28 million for Veron.

    Choose 19,000 fans at Old Trafford to watch you play Middlesbrough when you were in Division One but pretend you have loyal support.

    Choose the have-to-go-to-all-cup-games-because-you're-forced-to ticket policy.

    Choose the USA.

    Choose debt.

    Choose pricing out your own fans in favour of corporate Londoners.

    Choose having your own manager and players criticise your fans.

    Choose prawn sandwiches.

    Choose not being able to stand.

    Choose being out-sung by 3,000 travelling away fans each game.

    Choose having Mick Hucknall and Eamon Holmes as your celebrity fans.

    Choose FC United of Manchester…if they become successful.

    Choose to whinge all summer about clubs tapping up your best player, while you r busy tapping up Spurs’ best player

    Choose Kidnap him at the airport while not even having permission to speak to him and then pay other £30Million for the w@nker

    Choose to buy Alan Smith as a forward then when found out to be **** put him in mid-field and call Fergie a 'genius' and call Smith the 'new Roy Keane'.

    Choose to go after Batistuta for 5yrs and him still wanting nothing to do with you.

    Choose to demonstrate about 'No yanks' in a New York Yankee cap.

    Choose to complain about a fixture pile-up but go to Asia in your time off.

    Choose to cheat.

    Choose to agree to the 'respect campaign' but pay no attention to it when you don't get the Throw-in you want.

    Choose 10 Goalkeepers in an attempt to replace Schmeichel.

    Choose to sing songs about hating Scousers and pretend that Rooney isn’t one.

    Choose a winger that wants to play for Madrid but claim it’s all 'paper talk'.

    Choose to have your players 'injured' for mid-week England matches yet play 90mins the following Saturday.

    Choose to complain about away games after Champs League games despite 1 being 'away' in Manchester.

    Choose to mock Leeds United fans about the events in Istanbul.

    Choose to make airplane signs towards Man City fans on Derby matches.

    Choose to be the only club in the country where every corner results in every fan becoming a Photographer.

    Choose to 'watch' United in the pub with your back to the screen, cheer like crazy when they score, then ask someone 'who scored that'?

    Choose to be the w@nker no fan of any other club wants to speak to on holiday

    Choose United because you have to know so much about football as long as it’s sky

    Choose United so you can buy the tacky fake merchandise on the Market

    Choose the FA

    Choose to get away with everything.

    Choose to be first on Match of the Day rather than waiting 2 hours

    *NEW SPECIAL ONE* Choose 6 minutes of Added Time, every time

    Choose Trafford. Not Manchester.

    Choose... Man United.

    Andre - Dundee United are not Fergie's favourite club, it's Glasgow Rangers. And neither of them are in Administration. Dundee F.C., however, is. A different team from Dundee Utd entirely... So different they are city-rivals.

  • Mary
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    4 years ago

    Rooney is a great roamer and appears more dangerous when coming in just behind the forwards, rather than being on the wings or up front. He is a good link between the midfield and attack for he is aggressive, skilful and can certainly score goals. Unfortunately, he is too mouthy and foul to the extreme and on many occasions has been lucky to stay on the pitch. It is time referees sent players off for foul language and Rooney would get some early baths.

  • Ron is gone, and Roo is having a bad season. Their defence is full of holes, and the keeper is not helping. It doesn't matter who's in defence, they always concede 2 (at least). And the confidence of the team in general looks like it's shot to pieces.

    It must have been almost soul-destroying for Man United fans to watch yesterday's game. As Fergie time neared, and went by, it looked like West Brom were the more likely to get a winner, not the home side.

    And then there's the small matter of that debt ...

    Source(s): @Geordie - Hats off to you mate!
  • DaDred
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    9 years ago

    1. Some 1 Billion dollars in Debt

    2. Wayne Rooney can't stop thinking about C. Ronaldo

    3. Sir Alex Ferguson favourite club and former employers Dundee Utd. went into Administration

    4. Van Der Sar

    5. Rio and Evra still having nightmares of South Africa 2010. Rio missed out by injury and Evra, well just think Thierry Henry Hand Ball

    6. Berbatov have less hair than his 70 year old coach

    7. MAN CITY

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  • 9 years ago

    they had 5-6 clear and easy chances but they didnt take em,berba missed 2!if they would have capitalised it wouldve been 4 or 5-0!

    the once indestructible defence is in shambles for some reason.

    SAF picked two useless midfielders in his starting line up

    i dont see united winning this season if we perform like this

    but my heart want us to win

  • 9 years ago

    1) Gary Neville

    2) Manchester United

  • 9 years ago

    Arrogance.. says it in one

    Geordie: Great

    Undertaker: Happy Birthday... oh to be 18 again.. enjoy and live it all

  • 9 years ago


    You got that from anti or something along those lines

    1. Rooney

    2. Ferguson

    3. Debt

  • 9 years ago

    1. Complacency

    2. Fergie and his faith in Darron (fat bastard) Gibson

    3. Fergies substitutions

    4. No fight

    5. Relying to much on Scholes and Giggs

  • 9 years ago

    The Glazer family

  • 9 years ago

    Ferguson going senile and the mounting debt

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