What is wrong with grooveshark?

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I went on grooveshark.com to listen to some music but when i type in the name of the artist a message appears saying there is an error communicating with grooveshark. what does this ...show more
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  • Karla answered 4 years ago
I was having the same problem since the beginning of the week. I kept thinking it was my pc but learned that others were having the same problem. I installed google chrome browser and Grooveshark worked just fine on it. It seems there is something in Internet Explorer at the moment that isn't allowing Grooveshark to function properly. Until they fix this I will go through Chrome. I had always used explorer but my pc is older and installing chrome has been awesome.....its way faster. Hope they make it better, still needs a little more work to beat explorer....lol.

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Thank you so much! i will download chrome asap:)
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  • Devin T answered 4 years ago
    mine is doing that **** to ;(


    my computer
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