Chances at an AFROTC scholarship?

I am applying for an AFROTC scholarship and I would like to know where I stand. Anyone who has received a scholarship or who knows a lot about it, letting me know what your scores were, and any advice is really appreciated.

SAT M: 640 R: 540 (I know, not the best, but above the required 1100 for qualification, and I am planning on raising them)

PFA: sit-ups: 60 push-ups: 31 1.5 mile: 13:14 Overall PFA Score: 94.3

Sports: Varsity Volleyball (Captain), JV Lacrosse, L School of Dance Hip Hop ,and JV Softball

Leadership: Senior Class President, Junior Class Representative, JROTC

I was a US House Page for the spring semester of my junior year working 40+ hours a week for Congress.

I have a 4.09 weighted and a 3.65 unweighted GPA, Ive been to 5 high schools so I cant be ranked academically with my classmates. (Military Brat)

I go to an International School because my family is remote right now, so I have to do my interview over the phone/video conference.

I have attended Model UN in DC, Air Force Academy Teen Aviation Camp, and California Central Coast Leadership Conference.

I do a lot of community service with my school, family and church.

I plan on majoring in Environmental Engineering.

So, do you think that I will receive a scholarship right out of high school? Maybe not type 1, but I would love a type 7 just as much.


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  • Tom
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    9 years ago
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    Your chance will depend on the competitive situation for the scholarship at the detachments that serve the colleges that you are applying for. Environmental Engineering is a critical area for the Air Force and one in which Type I Scholarships are awarded.

    Be sure to check on the Afrotc Website to see that Environmental Engineering is approved as an Afrotc technical major at the colleges that you are applying to. Last year Environmental Engineering was eligible for Type I non competitive In College Express Scholrships.

    Might also want to consider applying to the Air Force Academy since you have an automatic Presidential Nomination if a parent is active duty or retired military. The military considers that the goal should be to serve as an officer regardless of service branch or commissioning source, so applying to more than one rotc scholarship or service academy strengthens an application. Might also be able to apply for a Congressional nomination depending on when you left California and if California is your parent's residence. Many Congressmen and Senators stop accepting applications for a Nomination in October or early November.

    Good Luck!

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