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I have received a bill for council tax but never ever lived at the specified address?

Today my brother called me to let me know that i've received a Summons for Non/Late payment of council tax at his address in Dagenham(how comes?? why at his address and not mine) . The Council tax Summons received is for an address in Waltham Forest which i don't even know, never heard or lived there. I have lived at another address in Waltham Forest but with my parents for 3 years and than in Enfield. What is this Identity theft? I have to appear in court in a week time because they keep saying i'm responsible for the £1500 bill for 11 months.Can someone help me please, I don't know what to do! Thank you so much

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  • 10 years ago
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    1) Call the tax office (there should be a # on the Summons, if not look it up)

    2) You may have to go to the tax office to resolve it

    3) Worst case, show up for the Summons with evidence that you've lived somewhere else during the 11 months

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