What kind of job/career can i do online and make good money?

I know there must be SOMETHING!! help me, since I might be traveling overseas and I need to make money online,


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    9 years ago
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    The easiest way to earn some extra cash online is PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites.

    They are free to join.

    They pay their members just for visiting their sponsor's websites on a daily basis - they refresh once per 24 hours.

    The earning in the very beginning are slow and most people quit before

    they reach the cashout minimum (as low as 2$ usually).

    Be patient and join 3-5 PTC sites at the same time to maximize Your earnings.

    If You gain more experience in PTC industry then

    You can make up to 100-300$/Week from PTC sites.

    Just make sure not to quit in a first day or two like others losers.

    Stay for at least 7-10 days and You will learn how to make much more money with PTC sites.

    The best thing about PTC sites is that it is 100% risk-free source of income since there are no joining fees at all.

    Here is one of the best Paid-To-Click sites on the net

    (It's legit and I personally have been paid several times)

    Check it out:


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    You can purchase a turnkey website business. If you have some time to spend each day (1 hour or so), you can build backlinks to your site by blogging, article writing, and social networking. The more targeted traffic you can get to your site then the potential you have to make a decent amount of money.

    You don't have to be familiar with design or programming; just a willingness to write some articles and spend some time online. And if you are a quick learn, you can build a site into a money maker in not too long.

  • 3 years ago

    First, you're fortunate to be good off. I want I was once! Second, no it is not to past due for a profession! I am 24 and I simply began doing anything I love simply final yr. I felt the precise identical approach you do.I feel what you're lacking is anything that you just revel in doing. Is there whatever you may have continually desired to do? Play the piano, draw, golfing...whatever? You ought to discover that factor and move out and do it. For me, I have continually desired to bop, play devices, draw, and so on. (whatever inventive). It's unlucky that I would not have the cash to do all of those matters, in any other case, I could! Money places limits on what I can do, however now not for your case. You can do anything you wish. I actually consider within the pronouncing 'If you do what you're keen on, then you're going to on no account paintings an afternoon for your existence'. You do not ought to be like each person else going to tuition to be a health care provider, attorney operating sixteen hour days. That's relatively dull to me, UNLESS I do anything I revel in. Don't fear such a lot approximately the truth that you're spoiled, considering the fact that you are not able to support that. Don't consider unhealthy approximately it, relatively. You don't seem to be hurting anybody and the humans who've anything to mention, surely are jealous. Anyway, well good fortune discovering anything you're passionate approximately :)

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    9 years ago

    If you're looking to make some extra cash online, you could try the same website I use. I started a blog this week about it. Hopefully it helps! http://parttimecashcrate.blogspot.com/

    What are you going overseas for? (:

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    9 years ago

    try selling website names (domain names), i got this e-book from domain to riches, it was very helpful, it shows you the entire process of selling websites and there's lost of money to make in this industry.

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